Nacogdoches River Mallow (Hibiscus dasycalyx)

Nacogdoches River Mallow
Hibiscus dasycalyx

All new spring growth, tallest shoot 24 inches.

Thumbnail by RonniePitman
Houston, TX

Hello RonniePitman,

I saw your pictures of dasycalyx. Great to see it growing so well and blooming.

I bought mine about a year back. It had two shoots about 3 feet tall and was quite healthy but was not blooming. It burnt on a cold night (houston, tx) last winter and just went downhill from there. I had no idea it was so sensitive, then.
It came back this spring with all strength and in the last one month grew from nothing to about 2.5 feet tall! I am amazed at the rate! Do you think it will bloom this year? It is in a 1 gallon pot, I guess I should now transfer it. Would you know what kind of soils it prefers?
I ask you because you seem to be very successful with them.

Thanks in advance.

devilsivy, sorry to be so long in responding, but I'm not active on Dave's Garden anymore. Regarding your questions, actually my rosemallow lasted only one year. I don't know why it didn't come back the second year—big disappointment. I haven't tried to replace it. I hope yours did well. Ronnie

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