Early spring wildflowers

Raleigh, NC(Zone 8b)

Greetings fellow Carolina gardeners!
Even though the temps are still a bit cool some early spring wildflowers, know as spring ephemerals, are blooming in the woodlands here in NC. Bloodroot and trout lilies are blooming along with field pansies, blue violets and yellow Carolina jasmine. The trees are greening up, maples are ablaze red and forsythia is showing off a dazzling yellow display. What do you see blooming in your backyard now?

Want to see bloodroot and trout lilies in bloom? I have a photo gallery of them taken a couple of weeks ago.


Raleigh, NC

Those pictures are stunning! I have lots of violets blooming but mostly stuff is just greening up. There's still a few daffodils, but other bulbs have not quite started yet. -Ais.

Chapel Hill, NC(Zone 7a)

i looked at your site and i couldn't agree more - gorgeous photos. i'm afraid the only wildflowers in my yard are those attached to what i consider to be weeds :) at this writing, i have forsythia, loropetulum, wood hyacinths, several camellias, a purple verbena, and many azaleas either blooming or showing color. although it's over, the daffodil show was spectacular this year.

Monroe, NC(Zone 7b)

Blooming in my yard are the violets, irises, shooting star, soloman's seal is just starting, grape hyacinths, scillad (sp?), snow drops, bleeding hearts, daffs, clematis!, azaleas, camellias, creeping phlox, candy tuft, foam flower, heuchera. I see some buds on my roses so they will be blooming soon. I also have some Larkspur that is suddenly shooting up tall. I think it will bloom also soon. I'm watching my columbine because it is also getting very big. My peonies have nice buds. Mayapples are thinkig about bloomin. I love spring.

Plantsman your photos are beautiful. Do you have the book "Wildflowers of NC"? I have one little bloodroot with a bud. For some reason I don't have good luck with it. I don't think it is very happy living under the pines. Mighty be a little dry. Perhaps I should have mercy on it and move it to my shade garden where it can be tended to.

Do you have a plant business in Raleigh? If so, what is the name. Maybe I'll stop by one day. I am up that way pretty often because my daughter is a student at UNC.

(Zone 9a)

Awesome photos. I would love to have many, many Erythronium americanums. WIll have to check ans see if they would live here.

Gates, NC

Beautiful! I have what I thought was a weed but now I think it is a Leopard plant. Don't think I like it. I have daffs, creeping phlox and forsythia in bloom.
Buds on roses, azaleas, spirea, dogwood, irises and peonies. New growth on russian sage, cannas, scabiosa, lantana, hollihocks, salvia, goldenrod, and daisies.

Columbia, SC(Zone 8a)

Azaleas and dogwoods are popping here. Judas trees starting to lose their blooms. Tulips (what few there are around here) are blooming and some irises are starting. The early bulbs are already gone. Lorapetalum past its peak along with forsythia. Also Carolina Jessamine (not jasmine; it's the state flower here and it's jessamine!) and Lady Banks roses. Pollen everywhere and eyes are streaming!

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