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Tall Bearded Iris 'Guardian Angel'

Saint Louis, MO(Zone 6a)

Tall Bearded Iris 'Guardian Angel'

Photo courtesy Keith Keppel

Thumbnail by puttytat
Belfield, ND(Zone 4a)

Puttytat, is it at all possible that you may have mistakenly uploaded the wrong photo for this entry? The reason I ask is that the photo doesn't appear to match the AIS description. Any thoughts on this?

The AIS description is as follows:
(Moldovan, R. 1964). Sdlg. 64-4. TB 34" M. W1G.
"S white, green midribs; F white, vivid pink beard, no
markings. Arctic Flame X One Desire., "

Saint Louis, MO(Zone 6a)

The photo is correct: scanned directly from Keppel's catalog (with his permission). The old Guardian Angel you refer to was apparently never introduced and the name was transferred to Keith's iris last year.

Belfield, ND(Zone 4a)

Okay, that makes sense. The Moldovan intro is the only one showing up in AIS right now. Thanks!

Edited to add that AIS does have another Guardian Angel that was registered in 2004. There's no info yet, but that must be the one. :)

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Saint Louis, MO(Zone 6a)

Joan, that is correct - eek, I still said "last year"?!!! All the data appears in AIS Registrations & Introductions 2004 that was published "last year"! If you're interested in pedigree, detailed description, etc, I can post.

Belfield, ND(Zone 4a)

No need to post all that. I was just curious. I'm hoping AIS will update their 2004 registrations soon. I'm thinking it's almost time. Can you remember when they usually do that?

The AIS Registrations and Introductions that a paper publication they print and sell? I'm interested in more information on that if it is. :) One can never have too much iris information. LOL

Saint Louis, MO(Zone 6a)

Yes, it's an annual booklet listing every AIS registration/introduction from the previous year. Presently costs $10 and is available at the AIS website: . You can get back issues, and 10 year compilations for prior decades. Check it out!

Belfield, ND(Zone 4a)

Thanks! I will check it out.

St Joseph, IL(Zone 5b)

Mr. Keppel was kind enough to add this as a bonus this year. It's beautiful. Can't wait fot the bloom.

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