What I got today!!!!

Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

Ok guys, I went crazy at the Whatcom dahlia tuber sale!
It was a mad house there.
I showed up like 5 mins before it opened at 10 am and there were already like 25 people in line!
Went right in and headed for the waterlilies types. Which are my most favorites.
There were quite a few tables of all types.
I ended up spending time making sure the tubers I was getting had at least an eye showing or even a shoot.
A lot of tubers didn't look that good to me. They looked like they got cut too short or close to possibly the stem and won't have an eye. So I was quite picky.
I wanted to get others but people were picking them up so quickly that I had to just deal with what was on the table since I couldn't get the special ones quick enough.
One thing I did notice tho, was a few of the tubers looked like the mother tuber. You all know how they kind of look like a baking potato so I stayed away from those for sure.
Annie, do they really sell those? Why?
Anyways, it was fun to browse thru them all. I asked if they had 'Seattle' and they didn't.
I spent some time looking up online tonight for more information of each tuber.
If anyone here has any of these and any comments, go for it!

So here is the list of what I got.

Blended Beauty
Puget Sparkle
Alloway Candy
GW's Babe
Rose Toscano
Cherry Wine
Dark Magic
Maltby Princess
Skipley Spot of Gold
Pop Talk
Hy Mallow
Hy Sockeye
Pam Howden
Kari Smokey
Sandia Calypso
Snoho Betty (Beauty?)
Parkland Rave
Barberry Banker
Wildwood Marie
Moray Susan
Taratahi Ruby
Barberry Picket
Purple Splash
Leota Mace
Lutt Witchen

Good list, huh???
Now to figure out where they are going!!!
I do have the new area that they can go into that I have been getting ready since last fall but wanted to spend more time on it but..... you never know now!!!

(Zone 7b)

Just a few, eh?:)

Menasha, WI(Zone 5a)

What is a whatcom? Sounds like a rhetorical question. Geez Seattle is like everywhere here.
I would finish up your home for them that is quite a bunch!

Beachwood, OH

Carol that is hysterical - I was the same way when my friend took me up to Bluestone last year with her wholesale license. I was in shock after I got home and started unloading.the flats and flats of $1+ plants and realized I now had to plant all this. Yesterday I found a 2" pot of chocolate mint that got overlooked and never planted and the darn thing was sprouting. There's a reason we keep that mint contained. Have a great time with your dahlias - what a haul!

south of Grand Rapid, MI(Zone 5a)

Holy Cow - what a haul!!! If you run out of space.....you know where they will have a good home!! LOL

Aptos, CA

Wow, you really did have fun! Our Society has it's root sale yesterday as well, we sold out in under 1 hour!!! People went nutzoid!

I came home with many tubers from the root sort:

Alfred Grille, Amorous, Amy K, Bar Bonnie O, Bar Nugget, Bar Redbud ( not rosebud as listed in 2006 classification book ). Camano Cloud, CG Sparkle, Danum Meteor, Hillcrest Kismet, Hollyhill Dark Victory, Hollyhill Electra, Islander, Jessica, Korb Yellow Highlight, Magic Moment, Nenekazi, New Snow, Pam Howden, Peaches & Cream, Rokewood Opal, SEA Electra, Tiptoe, Verda

When I got home from the sale, my Dan's Dahlia delivery arrived, healthy fat eyes up roots!! Go Dan!

Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

Wow, Sudhira, those rooted plants sound good. I was debating on that Peaches & Cream one but there wasn't a good tuber in the pile.
Yes, Sarv, I do know that you are my junk pile resort, hehe. Hopefully will have some to trade next year for everyone too.
I know, it wasn't just a few LOL.
But I kind of just bypassed the dinnerplate ones. There were actually a lot left of these. I was surprised. I figured most people liked these the best. I just don't have room for those right now really.
Need to keep looking up the specifics on some of these so later all, Carol

Everson, WA(Zone 8a)

Hey, Carol, at the end of the season I will trade you a Peaches & Cream for Skipley's Spot of Gold. I have been out of town so I haven't had a chance to look up the others that you and Sudhira bought but Skipley's Spot of Gold has been on my wish list for a long time.

Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

Candy, you didn't read right, LOL
I wanted Peaches & Cream but no good tuber.
But I sure will save you a tuber of that Spot of Gold. Interesting on how the name sounds yellow, but is a very pretty pink color.
You should have told me your wants and desires!!!! Could have picked up a tuber for you then!

Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

wow Carol, you really went to town finding new tubers! Can't wait to see them in action. I got also Skipley SPot of Gold- loved the gold tipped pink and Skipley Spot ( red and white) too. And many more. Now to get them all successfully to grow.

Good dahlia hunting there, Daisyruffles!

Sudhira- sold out in one hour! You must have a culture of dahlia vultures hovering down there. I like sounds of many of those you got too. Wonder who produces the "Bar" dahlias- do you know?

Everson, WA(Zone 8a)

Carol, I ordered Peaches & Cream so if I don't goof up I should have tubers to share later. Keep your fingers crossed. LOL

Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

Ah, geez, I am the stupid one. I didn't read what you wrote right, Candy. Sorry. Duh!
Sure, we can trade later.
Thanks, Annie, yes, it will be fun to have new flowers to take pics of.

Aptos, CA

Yo Poochie,
Yes I do know who "BAR" is. "BAR" is none other than my good buddy Dean Barnes, a member of our society. He is the sweetest man, and "in charge" of the root sale each year. This year he gifted tubers to us of his new introductions! Can't wait to see them bloom! Dean rocks!

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