What I'm teaching Cynister

Social Circle, GA(Zone 8a)

Well maybe Cyn is not so Cynister. Yesterday I brought my grooming box in the stall to do his mom and as I'm doing her feet, he starts removing stuff from the box. I had a wipey wrapped around my bottle of Coppertox. He grabs it by the wipey and runs to the other side of the stall. I giggle call him silly and go to retrieve it. Well he's not done! A good game of chase and a wrestling match and I finally remove every little bit of the wipey from his mouth and decide the grooming box needs to be up off the ground. So I hand him a comb and a brush to play with and I see him go to my arm (now I am used to him trying to bite and I've been deflecting bites before they happen), this time I decide to let him bite and I'm going to really jab him in the teeth......well he starts licking me! So now I will pay a little closer attention. It's usually quite obvious when he's going to bite, but maybe he's been going to lick? LOL He does have quite the attitude though. God forbid you touch without his permission! He pitches a fit. But he is getting better. It's almost like when you rub his neck it's hitting his funny bone he starts jerking and trying to bite your hand.....

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