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Fossil, OR

Anyone familiar with guinias? I am in Oregon--central part---and need to find a guinia rooster for a friend's hen.
Thanks for any info provided.

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

hi betty. i HAD guineas till the neighbors dog came over for dinner ;-(

relocating adult guineas can be a challenge. so can finding some. i recommend an ad in the local paper in the birds/livestock section.

also, you can ask here at the guinea fowl message board. just don't offer to pay for it, and maybe there will be someone there local. also, at the top is a link to a breeder's list, which includes home breeders with small flocks, so maybe you can find one of those near you.

this morning i pulled a tick out of my hair. i got it while watering the garden, a nice red one! the only reason i noticed him was he started to dig in!!! i am still searching for a replacement flock. don't ask me how he got there, unless fromt he wind blowing so hard!

for more info about raising guineas, i have two threads i started in this forum, further down. and a few people here also have had them at some time.

i would go into more detail [assk anyone, i can talk about guineas ALL NIGHT LONG!] , but really need to get off the pc!


Claremore, OK(Zone 6a)

Yep, if you're finding ticks, you need more guineas.

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

problem is i have NONE. and until these baby chicks are out to the yard, i don't have a place for keets, yet. and i don't know how old they are before they start eating ticks. the neighbors guineas used to come over here, but not since the bloodshed, go figure! i am searching around for a flock of adult guineas that need relocated, wish me luck! meanwhile, i found a source for food grade DE to spread around the base of the apricot tree, where i think the tick came from...


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