Too many baseball hats..NEED STORAGE IDEA

Zion, IL(Zone 5a)


Sultan, WA(Zone 8a)

My husband has this problem. Who do the hats belong to?
1. I did this for a friend of mines son. I bought those jumbo thumb tacks and spaced them evenly apart about 2 feet from the ceiling around the room and hung a hat from each one. 3D border!

2. I bought hooks for my hubby (the kind you'd hang a towel on in the bathroom) and hung them on the wall inside his closet (use wasted space!) He arranges them on the hooks (they hold 3 or 4 hats each) according to use. That hats he wears most often at eye level and the ones he keeps for sentimental reasons on less convenient hooks.

Strongsville, OH(Zone 5b)

I bought those hook racks from the Closet Store - could probably find them in the Dollar Store too! Mine have 12 hooks (6 top row, 6 bottom row) made out of thick guage wire coated with with plastic. I hung one high in my hall coat closet on the side wall - it's out of the way, but accessible to both my husband and I at full arm extension. We keep "out of season" (baseball in November, Football in April, etc.) or lesser used hats there. I put another of the same rack behind my bedroom door (there is a wall that forms a closet directly behind the door) with the door fully open there is about 2-3 inches or so of space between the door and the wall, plenty for my hook with hats. We keep frequently worn, "in season" hats there. It is at eye level, but is never seen because we keep the door open. Again, it holds 12 hats - one to a hook, but you could stack if you had to. We have 4 hat wearing residents (two boys 3 & 1, mom and dad) in the family - so I just don't feel I need to keep more than 24 hats ever. Honestly, six hats per person - how many do we truly like and wear. My husband is an awful offender - he wants every hat from his two favorite teams, every superbowl, their only world series in our lifetime, several colors- then never wears them all. Luckily his memory is lousy - I purge every few months and some just disappear and he's never asked about it. I freecycle my extra hats - they are popular with outdoor workers like lawn/landscape people and painters who go through them quickly and often wear hats that they don't mind trashing at work. Good luck.

Emory, TX(Zone 8a)

I am new to this forum and am just browsing though it. I realize that this is an old subject, but in case anyone still needs ideas on this I thoughtI would tell you what I did with DH's caps. I use the racks that you can by at WM or a dollar store tahat are used for coffe cups or what ever... the wooden expandable ones. You could put them all around the top of the walls like a border or you could put several from ceiling to about waist level on one wall. My DH is a collector so I have a lot of racks!!!


Missouri City, TX

DW and I have quite a few, too. We pack several in small Gym Bags - one bag for each car, and a few are usually loose in the house and garage. There are 2 in both glove boxes, too. We attend lots of festivals, usually with a friend or two - always need "another" hat for someone, so try to have several available at all times.

Have a hall tree with several, and it also holds jackets, etc. The best thing we have found are the hat washing baskets that keep everything in place and work in the dishwasher. Saved several from being tossed due to grime and odor.

If the logo is good, but the hat "needs to go", cut it out and save it to sew to a jacket, or applique it to a sweater, or create a wall hanging with several, perhaps surrounding a favorite picture that relates to the subject matter.

(Zone 1)

I bought one of those over the door shoe racks from Wal-Mart, hung it on the back of the kitchen/garage door - facing inside the garage, and hung all our baseball caps and a couple of tote bags on there too! I think it holds 50 or more! Inexpensive & it Works for me!


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