favorite plant combinations in planters?

Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

I would like to hear everyone's favorite plant combinations for containers for sun and filtered light. Both spring and fall favorites.


You sure about this?

When combo planting I try to know how the plants are going to grow before I put them together. I like a tall growing plant in with a bushy or ground filler. I also like to use strawberry pots for my cacti & succulents. Works well when I remember to turn the pot!

When I am planting a basket using a trashbag liner, I try to have all plants with the same water needs. This is usually a gift or temporary idea as planting in trashbags is a goofy idea sometimes very fragile. But I pick out five or seven plants that should fit in my size of basket. Arrange a high point with tallest plant, figuring out whether front viewing or all around good looking. Then I start prepping the soil with a spray bottle. It helps the soil stay where you want it without slumping to the bottom when you are trying to set plants side by side with some dirt inbetween. As I add dirt to the plants I keep spraying it. This helps to get more plants into the container making for more interest. I have used miniture palms, prayer plants, coleus, fittonia, ivies, crotons, smaller sansevierias, ferns work just not for me.

In the top of my large Strawberry pot is a four foot tall Euphorbia tirucalli, in the pockets; Stepelia gigantia, Haworthia retusa, small vining crassula 'jade', sedum 'christmas cheer', Aneonium smithii, Aneonium haworthii, a varigated Crassula argentea, Echinopsis chamaecereus, and an odd sedum reminds me of a miniature morganium that is struggling. If something dies or overgrows the pocket, I get out my tools and replant it. It's really my favorite.

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Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

I started this thread to get some ideas.
You both have given me great ideas, I
too, love lots and lots of color. I'll start with my west garden. This is a half moon garden, 10'x 14', filled with sunflowers and mexican petunias as a background.
Add to that Flame Red Hibiscus, Dwarf
French Marigolds, pink and violet Pentas, Moonbeam and Rosea Coreopsis, Lady in Red Salvia.
In the center front is an old tree
stump, surrounded by Purple Homestead Verbena, Hot Pink
Purslane, Sundial Orange, Pink,
and Bright White Portulaca, and
a Hot Pink single rose, bright pink
and red geraniums, and White w/
yellow center Chrysantehmus.

= o }

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Noblesville, IN(Zone 5a)

I have a huge canna and a blackie sweet potato vine in a l7 inch container. I also like the coleus (spelling) light yellow green with petunias around it. It is really pretty.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 4a)

Like putting two colours of impatiens in with a coleus that contrasts (or matches). Makes for a colourful display all year round if you bring the pot inside.

Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

My favorite this year is : Golden Fern, Purple Shamrock, Fiber Optic Sedge Grass, Purple Queen Setcresia, Gartenmeister Fuchsia. This is good for filtered light or morning sun. The Golden Fern can't take the hot sun. The Gartenmeister Fuchsia doesn't mind the heat and humidity of our summers and the hummingbirds love it.
I also did a container with Purple Sugar Cane, Blue Plumbago, Purple Queen Setcresia and Million Bells. I liked that combo. Another was with Purple Fountain Grass, Kimberley Fern, Million Bells and New Guinea Impatiens.

Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

....spring is coming....and I'm open to all kinds of possibilities!! Anyone plannin' something special?


Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

Thanks....Sis, those were awsome, and to think I have most of the seeds..I am estatic!!


You're moy grande welcome neighbor' Go for it,lol'

Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

Sis that link is so good - I use it all the time and Jerrie I've put a pic on the photo forum for you!!

Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

Thanks, Mags....gonna go see!!


Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

Jerrie - pelargoniums are the summer bedding geraniums - sometimes confused with hardy geraniums. Take a look!!


Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

Thanks, Margaret!! I really loved the "Alcapulco"!


This is what I had posted on Morph's thread.

For a sunny window planter box that is around 36x9in.x9in. you can plant; 2 Salvias 'Blue Victoria'; 2 Nicotianas 'Domino' ; 4 Lobelias; 2 Classic Zinnias ; 1 Miniture Rose the 'Heartbreaker'; 2 Marigolds 'Bonanza'
For a More Cascading of Color:
2 Globe Amaranths
6 Exacum affine
4 Dahlberg Daisies
4 Verbenas
2 Rose Periwinkles
1 trailing Lantana
1 Variegated Trailing Vinca
A simple mix of blooms among the profuse foliage can give a windowbox a very lush feel plus the foliage adds the perception of depth.
This is something for more of a Cottage Elegance.
6 Geraniums
2 Dracaenas
8 Petunias
Incorporate a mixture of trailing and erect flowering plants that offer shades of pink and rosy purple. The suggestions listed below you can add a ribbon of lemon yellow Wallflowers.
3 Rose Periwinkles
8 yellow Wallflowers
5 Dusty Millers
8 Ivy-leaved Geraniums
8 Regal Geraniums
3 Edging Lobelias
3 Verbenas
Using these will give it that,' Rosy Complextion '
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sosomething for lasting color: The flowers listed with this will last all summer until the first frost.
8 Geraniums
6 purple 'Razzle Dazzle' Petunias
3 Sprenger Asparagus Ferns
4 Vincas
Now for a really dramatic foundation on this one; try using a black window box.
8 Geraniums
4 Dusty Miller
4 Artemisias
6 Heliotropes
8 cup flowers (Nieremerga-(spelling?
6 Lamiastrums
Now if you want perfumed color,try this: This you can put close to an open window and enjoy the wonderful fragrance that range from strong,sweet Lavendar to the very scent of the Dianthus.
6 Dianthus
4 Primroses
4 Lavenders
4 Marguerite Daisies.
A Hanging Basket.
For hanging plants you can use:
Ivy - leafed Geraniums are luxurious trailers and add depth to the basket.
Helichrysum; this is great for its foliage in shades of silver or lime green.
Fuchsias - these have graceful arching stems with very pretty flowers in shades of pink,red, or white and the colors can be chosen to go with or contrast with the Ivy-leaved Geraniums.
Another Upright plant for basket is the; Verbenas. They are compact and bushy plants.
Now you will want something to fill in those bare spots. For that you can use;
Petunias are old basket favorites because of the colors they come in and the large,funnel-shaped flowers.

This is also a good filler plant and will flower through the summer,filling out the empty spaces. You can also choose trailing varities to make the basket seem that much larger.
With Allysum coming in different colors,a person can even add some of this to your containers for added color.

Those are just a few suggestions to start you out anyway. If interested in other ideas for other type containers or plants,just let me know and will give you others that you may be interested in. If your interested in doing a bowl with Succulents, or something for a Seaside Deck, or an Autumn Windowbox, or winter window box or whatever,just let me know and will give you more ideas.
Best of luck to you and hope this helps

Aftercare for you window boxes:
For beautiful,blooming windowbox plants need plenty of nutrientsto perform at their peek levels. In addition to the granular fertilizer that is mixed in at planting time, you should also spray the flowers with a balanced,general liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks and you will receive a very thriving windowbox and many of the suggestions listed above will make excellent cut flowers for you to bring indoors.

Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

Phew Coco - that was some list!! :-)

I still have more that I could list but I felt it was getting pretty long so stopped at that.Don't want to take up too much space here.

Plymouth, PA(Zone 5b)

COCO take up all the space you need.. I too am looking for ideas...

I love it when there is more then one way to do things.

Planting in a 20 inch galvanized steel tup. First put drainage holes in the bottom with hammer and nail and space the holes about 6 in. apart.
Next place a circle of window screen in the bottom of the tub. Cover the screen with gravel and then fill with soil up to about an inch from the rim. Plant the tall flowers first.(list of flower suggestion listed below) Set the Snapdragons in a triangle form setting about 2-3 inch from each other.Plant the Poppies the same way. Firm the soil around them. ADD Candytuft 2-3 in. to the side of the center group.Plant the Primroses,spaced uniformly in a circle around the center group of plants. Now place the Kale at equal spots around the edge of the tub. Fill in with Pansies and Allyssum spaced evenly around the edge. Tamp down all the soil around the plants and water the container well and then place sphagnum moxx around all the plants. Position the tub in full sun,and sheltered from wind.
3 Snapdragons
3 Iceland Poppies
1 Candytuft
6 Primroses 'Pacific Giants'
3 Ornamental Kales
6 Pansies
6 Sweet Allyssum
By adding these you have your Fillers: which are the Pansies,the Kale, and the Primroses.
Candytuft and
Sweet Allyssum
Snapdragons and
Iceland Poppies
Planting in a Cask
After they are through holding the wine of course. Usually you can find these at winneries or antique stores. To use one of these as a planter; lay on side and cut out a few of the planks to make a nice spring garden.
For this you can use:
3 Daffodils
3 Purple Primroses
3 Red Primroses
Or flowers of your choice.
Something to plant in a concrete container for your patio or deck you can use succulents as they thrive with very little moisture. Some of the nurseries and speciality shops sell concrete pots.
For this you can plant;
4 Snowball Cacti
4 Golden Ball Cacti
4 Pachycereus pringlei (check spelling)
Now how about a garden on wheels?
If you're lucky enough to find one of those old wooden wheelbarrows,if really adds that great country look and offers enough space to plant a small bed of lowers. For this tho you will want to use simple,solid bloom colors to compliment the frame of the wheelbarrow.
14 Red Geraniums
6 Blue Lobelias (3 planted on each side of the wheelbarrow)
A Vegetable Garden in a Pot or Salad in a Pot.
You will Need:
16 inch plastic pot
Sterilized potting soil
Tomato cage or stake of some sort to support tomato plant
Time-release fertilizer granules
1 Patio Tomato
1 Italian Parsley
1 Sage
1 Sweet Basil
1 Sweet Marjariam
4 Nasturtiums
First layer the bottom of the pot with rocks to ensure good drainage.
Fill to within 2 in. of the rim with potting soil that has been mixed with slow release fertilizer granules.
Step 2:
Plant the tomato in the center of the container. Plant it deeper than it was growing in the orginial container and firm the soil down around it.You may want to insert the tomato cage now if you wish.
Step 3:
Plant the Parsley at the back of the container;making sure you give it adequate room so it will not be crowded out by the tomato plant as it grows.
Step 4
Plant the Basil on the oppisite side of the Parsley in the front of the container. When buying Basil,you may find more than 1 seedling in the pot; so only plant 1 Basil in with the tomato and plant the rest of the basil in other pots.
Step 5
Plant the Sage and Sweet Marjoram opposite each other in the container.
By doing it this way; it allows for good air circulation and the even growth of all the herbs.
Step 6
Plant the Nasturtiums between the herbs near the rim of the container and towards the edge of the pot.
Move your potted Salad Container where you want it and then water well.
Now when it's time to eat;invite me over for a spagetti dinner and I'll bring the bottle of wine.

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