Too early to transplant perennials?

Rhinebeck, NY(Zone 5b)

Hi, I need some advice. I'm in zone 5B and wonder if its too early to transplant some nepeta, some ladies' mantle some thyme from one part of the garden to another.

It was 55 here today...but you know, it's still pretty cold at night and it's uneven in temperature.


Long Island, NY(Zone 6b)

You are in a colder zone than I, but I would think if they were already outside, it shouldn't be a big deal. What does everyone else think?

Southern, CT(Zone 6a)

I was hoping someone in zone 5 would respond so I don't mislead you.
I'm planting in zone 6. I would think hardy perennials are safe in zone 5. Are the plants that have been in the ground sticking their heads out? I think that is a good indicator.

Rhinebeck, NY(Zone 5b)

Yes, Dave and Anita, the plants I am talking about are already in the ground (for a couple of years) and I wish to divide and move them. Not divide the Ladies' Mantle, just move them to a better location.

Westford, MA(Zone 5b)

Yes go ahead divide and move the plants as long as your garden soil isn't too wet and muddy. You don't want to be walking around the garden if it is too wet or you'll compact the soil which wouldn't be too good. Now is a good time because it is not hot out and the plants will quickly restablish. Rebecca's Garden TV show this weekend talked about when to divide certain perennials (fall or spring). Take a look:


Rhinebeck, NY(Zone 5b)

Thanks everyone. My soil is not too wet. I am going to go ahead and do this this weekend! I just hope we don't get a late snow storm!


Beachwood, OH

Hi daisygrrl. I transplanted and divided a bunch of things a few days ago. In fact I'm so mean I left Becky Daisies lying in a box for a day in the sun before I got them back in the ground. They perked right back up and look fine. We've had night time temps between 29 and 35 for a week. It really hasn't done a thing. A month ago I transplanted an orange primrose that somehow got under a pale pink hellebore - (very ugly combination) It hasn't stopped blooming yet so I think if the plants are up its a sign that its ok to work with them. I've learned from wintersowing that its actually just fine to water plants in in this weather - they still need the water. A few days ago I moved or divided Shasta Becky, Sedum Autumn Joy, Valerian, Euonymous Kewensis, Lavender Provence, some daffodils, Clustered Bellflower, Aster Honeysong Pink, Pulmonarias, Chrysanthemum Mary Stoker, polyanthus Primroses, perennial poppies, raspberry canes, Teucreum, a salvia. Thats a pretty tough list actually - I would go ahead if your soil is workable.

On the other hand I have just a sprig of a new tricyrtis up out of the soil and I won't touch that for a few more weeks.

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