What other forums do you follow?

Southern, CT(Zone 6a)

I run into some of my Northeast friends wherever I go on DG. Others, I only see in this forum. I thought it might be interesting to learn of each others interest by seeing which other forums we follow.

Beside Northeast I track:

Soil & compost
Watergardens, and
Dave's Garden

Appleton, WI(Zone 5a)

Hi Dave,
Welcome to Dave's Garden!

I might be in annuals,perennials,tree/shrub,dahlias,chaos


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Eastham, MA

Hi Dave,(not Dave, I have learned that much already.) I subscribed in mid February and am still finding myself all over the place. I think I have the attention span of a flea lol. So far, Xeriscaping, Soil and Composting, Organic Gardening, Edible Fruits and Nut-bearing Plants, Grass and Bamboo, and Dave's Garden FAQ are on my watch list.
So much to read and so little time.


Rhinebeck, NY(Zone 5b)

Hi, Dave. I watch Roses, Bulbs, Weather, Tomatoes and Dahlias. But I think I'm going to add Perennials and Soil and Compost, now that you mention them....

Oviedo, FL(Zone 9b)

Hi, Dave,
I have been know to frequent many forums. I drop in occasionally in tomatoes, composting, and specific forums when I have a pertinent question.
I love this Northeast gardening forum and I also show up in Bulbs, foliage plants, cacti and succulents, hostas, Iris, coleus, public gardens and several others. Whatever happens to amuse me at the moment.
Here's my dog to match that nice picture that bigcity al put up. This is Noodles our mini dash-hound.

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Eastham, MA

I forgot to add, bigcityal, what a looker your dog is. Her/his expression is wonderful.

Southern, CT(Zone 6a)

Thanks folks. (Al, welcome to you too ??).

Lynne, cool that you followed that (Not Dave) stuff. There was also a priod of time where Anitabryk2 and I shared some imaginary children.

Martha, What kind of dash-hound has a round orange belly? Too cute!

If I may follow-up, is there a forum that you would recommend? I would hate to miss out on anything tremendously informative or funny.

Greenville, SC(Zone 7a)

Hi Dave, I check all different forums ( There's sooo many!) But tend to frequent a certain few, Such as Daylilys, watergarden, plant trading, Wildlife, photo's, frugal living, yard art and of course this forum, I go to these certain forums because they hold a lot of interest to me, I 'love' daylilys, I'm very much into wildlife, I have a couple ponds so I like to check out whats new in the water garden forum, plant trading is fun, I've gotten some really nice plants in exchange for some that I have ( Another forum is the 'Round-up' forum, There is going to be 2 or3 round-ups in the North this year and one is coming up real soon) I just tend to go to what holds my interest.

bigcitygal, gardenmart, enjoyed the photos, they are both cuties!!
My girl, Tarry...( Not the greatest pick, grabbed the one I could find the quickest) ~

Thumbnail by IRIS
Southern, CT(Zone 6a)

Iris, Tarry is a fine looking dog!

But I like even more how you turned bigcityal into bigcitygal!! I knew he wasn't feeling quite right about himself!

Greenville, SC(Zone 7a)

lol!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even realize I did that untill now ( Sorry Al) My fingers seem to take extra steps sometimes!
Thanks on the compliment of Tarry Dave!
Being a bit off track here, Did you mention somewhere about losing your frogs because of the netting?? Or maybe it was someone else that it happened to that I read somewhere, Whichever, It bothered me a bit when I read it. as it has happened to me before but I fixed that.so it doesn't happen anymore.

Fairmont, WV(Zone 6a)

I hang out in Tomatoes and Soil/Composting a lot...I also check out Curb Appeal, Mid Atlantic, and Ohio River. (WV seems to have an identity issue and doesn't really fit into any one region :) . I hang out here because I'm from Cape Ann MA and I get homesick sometimes. :) ) If I have a specific question I pop over to random other forums, too.

Appleton, WI(Zone 5a)

I'm still trying to figure out if all the people that move out of the NE are just trying to get away from Dave or have other reasons.

Loge - that's my dog's compliancy pose. He is a boy - kind of.

Fairmont, WV(Zone 6a)

Darn, bigcityal, you found me out...I left NE to get away from Dave! :) Actually I would love to move back to MA, since my roots go back there a long, long way, but you know how it is, you go where the job is.

Southern, CT(Zone 6a)

Hey bigcitygal! Watch out!

Yes Iris, I had the frogs die in my net. I did much better the next year when I elevated the net on plant stakes. You have any suggestions for me?

Greenville, SC(Zone 7a)

Hi Dave, How deep is your pond?? Frogs like to go to the bottom and if you have any kind of mud or debre, They try to hide under it or they try to dig themselves into the water plant pots and if your ponds not deep enough, They 'will' freeze. What I do all the time now is make sure I scoop all the frogs out, I put them in a covered bucket, And then I put the netting down flat and put stakes in the ends and edges so that they can't get back in, Then I take the bucket to the nearest large natural pond and let them go. ( In a natural pond, They can dig themselves down into the mud.. It's worked well for me and I always end up with plenty more frogs the following spring.

Southern, CT(Zone 6a)

Thanks Iris. I could swear that my problem was not frogs trying to get out but rather frogs trying to get in after I've put the net up. Horrible to find them stuck till death.
But I will try your method. Keeping the net a foot or two above the pond was a hassle.

Greenville, SC(Zone 7a)

It 'is' a pain to keep the net raised above the pond. The frogs 'were' trying to get in, Thats why I put the netting over the pond, But also had to take the frogs that were in the pond , out, So they wouldn't freeze. And though I took them to another area and let them go, I still have a stream that runs through the front of my property and frogs from there would try to get back in the pond. I use a fine mesh netting that has very small holesand it helps so that the frogs wont get trapped in it if they are trying to get in. ... Here's a quick photo of my very first frog addition to the pond this year....

Thumbnail by IRIS
Greenville, SC(Zone 7a)

One more...

Thumbnail by IRIS
Southern, CT(Zone 6a)

Cool picture!!

Southern, CT(Zone 6a)

Not camera shy is he?!

Greenville, SC(Zone 7a)

Not at all!! LOL!

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

Biccityal/gal's sense of humor cracks me up!

"He's a boy - kind of"! Too cute. Our Harry is "a boy - kind of" and our neighbor has a Wheatie that is whatever it wants to be that day - he/she has all the equipment: how confusing is that?

I hang out a lot in Garden Art and love what people do with their creative juices. I lurk at Curb Appeal, roses, dahlias, photography, computers and check in at Daylilies, Lilies, Perennials, Container Gardening, and more.

Thumbnail by pirl
Appleton, WI(Zone 5a)

I think I saw that dog on 'Maury' - dogs out of control episode.

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

Our Harry? Or my neighbor's Wheatie?

Harry ran down the driveway yesterday to "attack" a little Fifi white poodle and once she wagged her tail and was more anxious to meet him he backed off and ran back up to safety and away from the hussy!

Appleton, WI(Zone 5a)

Your neighbors dog of course!

Southern, CT(Zone 6a)

I think we saw Harry on that new "Boys Gone Wild" video

Long Island, NY(Zone 6b)

I'm like a flake in a blizzard...all over the place. I do tend to hang more here and in the African Violet forums. Although I have quite a few saved forums and always seem to run into Dave and Al. You two following me??? I've also noticed Andy all over too. Funny how many of us have similar interests. Obviously, the garden one is the biggest!

Dave - you think our kids are imaginary??? Time to start your sessions again..

Westford, MA(Zone 5b)

Dave47 you may only see some people in this forum and not others if they are not subscribers. I believe the regional forums and PlantFiles are the ones open to non subscribers so they can't post other places. Just a theory...

I also frequent Begonias, Bulbs, Annuals, Container Gardening, Rock Gardening, House Plants, Vacations and Travel, Tomatoes


Oviedo, FL(Zone 9b)

Noodles is wearing her Halloween costume, which she hated. She tried to eat the hat part a couple of times. I like to dress my dog up but she hates it. She prefers the natural look I guess.

Norwalk, CT(Zone 6b)

I have a question about where to look...is there a forum that talks about favorite flower combinations or one that talks about good flowers for cutting (just for bouquets, not for sale)? Thanks, Tamar

Rhinebeck, NY(Zone 5b)

Tamar, I think a flower arranging forum on Dave's Garden would be a great idea!!

Southern, CT(Zone 6a)

Tamar, There have been a series of "color echoes" threads in the perennial forum. None since last fall, but they look at great combos.

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