Help needed with tree identification

Surry, VA(Zone 7b)

We have a tree in our yard we are trying to identify. Here's my clues: A friend called it a catawba tree and I cannot find anything with that name. The leaves on the tree are huge - larger than a man's hand and it supposed to get/attract worms that are great for fishing. He said people pay high dollar for these worms. The buds on the tree are about grape size now. I found catalpa trees and thought maybe I misunderstood him, but the descriptions don't match. Any ideas?

Chatham-Kent, ON(Zone 6a)
I believe it is Catalpa you want . Best to you :)

Milo, IA(Zone 5a)

Chooch: Your right on as usuall. We have a mature Catalpa right to the side of our house. We didn't have any of the worms untill a few years ago. The worms sure make a mess of our cement patio and sidewalk with their droppings. I didn't know they were the larva of the spinx moth. The tree is loaded with fragrant blooms the first of June. My husband curses when they all fall on the grass, sidewalk and patio. I just tell him it won't last too long. They decompose quickly. Another nice shade tree, provides dense coverage overhead from rain. Debby

Surry, VA(Zone 7b)

Chooch - Thanks so much for the info. It was really helpful, especially since my fiance is an avid fisherman.
Debby - Since I didn't know what kind of tree it was or about the droppings I put a flower bed around it. Are the droppings so bad they will affect the flowers I put there?
Thanks, Carol

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