Double pink Brugmansia


I confess, I was not wearing my glasses and it was late at night, but someone here sent me a very faint pink and yellow double Candida or versicolor hybrid via e-mail. Is this one of your hybrids? Very nice by the way. All I have is the old Double orange and the very ancient Double white Candida species. Is this one being saved for hybridizing or...?
Ahh, as a side note I have a few seed pods on this years hybrids I liked of mine setting seeds already. Or in other words, I set seed on 3 of my hybrids I planted from seed I hybridized last fast.

Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

Hoping whoever will post the double pink on photos! Wet week here, hope you got your rain also. How did your hybrids thta were getting ready to flower turn out?


My hybrids that flowered, well lets say I have set seeds on 3 of them already or that they have seed pods forming on them as I had some pollen available from another cultivar. Love the new seedpods. One is almost ripe if you can believe that. Very fast maturing seed pod. Most of the other seedpods on my other 2 hybrids are still very small, but odd shaped as they are composed of aurea x suaveolens x versicolor and then back to versicolor or aurea x suaveolens x versicolor or suaveolens x versicolor x suaveolens. This next cross needs to be brought back to a pure yellow aurea in my oppinion, but I'll have to wait until I see the flowers to see if I can get away without crossing it back too soon. Funny thing with hybrids, you hybridize with a goal in mind and then the flower forms and you go off in the direction each individual flower leads you.

Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

It just sounds so cool to do and i can imagine the fragrance in your neck of the woods

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