Bare Escentuals.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Has anyone eve tried using the bare escentuals line to Cover a really dark birthmark or pigmentation. I'm waiting on my summer bisque to arrive , so i can test it, but it would be great to know if it worked for someone else.

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

I tried a competitor, but the powder was gritty. I did not like the opalescent color - it makes me look like I am dead!
I have heard wonderful things about Bare Escentuals, but I love my Clarins foundation. It is perfect :)

Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

I am a Bare Escentuals-holic and I admit that freely lol! No grit!
I haven't had an occasion to conceal anything yet but I do have the summer bisque just in case a big old zit pops out on the end of my nose or some other embarrassing obvious place :) My mom uses the bisque on her almost black age spot that's on her forehead. It doesn't completely disappear but it is no longer a focal point. You have to really study to see it. She's a happy girl!
Use your finger to apply it instead of a brush. I hope it works for you!

Amelia Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Hi! Hope I'm not too late for this thread! I have used BE for a year. I will not use any other makeup. I have a couple of age spots (45-yay getting older!) that BE alsmost completely covers. It's a great makeup and skin care line. I don't break out anymore (none) and my skin looks and feels so much better. I don't leave the house without it on. Also, you can sleep in it. There is also a new night time version (I can't wait to get it!) called Rare Minerals for sleeping in it!

Milan, IL

i use regular bisque and what i do is dip my small brush in water then dip it in the bisque, aplly it , and wait for it to dry a second, then blend the outside edges. this works for me over my brown birth mark a red scar i have on my face.

Amelia Island, FL(Zone 9a)

I'll have to try that. I also have a scar (3" on my chin) that could use a little help also. Thanks!

Headland, AL(Zone 8a)

I have used BE for 2-3 years and have grown disappointed in them. I had a couple of age spots that no amount of bisque would cover. I also had an acne scar that would not cover. To make matters worse, I have had a very stressful year (hubby had cancer, I am chrocinally ill and had to care for him by myself, my mom died of lung cancer, plus moving...a LOT of stress in a 12 month period)...I guess my wrinkles have gotten deeper. THe BE now just sinks into the wrinkles, especially under my eyes and along my nose to mouth area, and makes them stand out even more. It looks like someone has taken a pencil and drawn lines in my makeup! Plus, my son and hubby complain that it looks like a mask. No matter how much I buff it into my skin to try to get that smooth polishsed look. It used to work better when I first started using it...but I guess it isn't made for people with really deep wrinkles. And it darn sure does NOT cover dark scars and matter what the advertising says. In fact, the only thing that I have found that will cover dark scars, brithmarks and lupus rash is a product called Dermablend...which is a really heavy cream foundation that was created for people with strawberry marks, burn scars, lupus, acne scars, rosacae, and other severe complexion problems.

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

Have you ever tried any of the cosmetics called "primers"? They are designed to help fill in lines, wrinkles & smooth the skin's texture before applying makeup or moisturizer. Most are made with silicon, so the skin feels smoother. I have tried 2 brands so far, & the results are pretty good. I can see a difference when I use the primer. It is subtle, but it does work. It makes your skin feel good as well. I am kind of hooked-
A couple of brands: Philosophy, Smashbox, Clarins - I am certain there are more out there.

Ferndale, AR(Zone 7b)

IslandE - What was the verdict? Did the bisque work for you? Do you use it with other BE products? Bama metioned Dermablend. She's right - it was designed for more than the typical undereye concealer - it was designed for scars and birthmarks. I used it after having a skin cancer removed from the corner of my eyelid, just next to my nose. It required a skin graft and, even though I was amazed at the results, it did leave a round scar from the skin graft. It was very red the first few months and I am very fair. The Dermablend literally blends into the skin over time. It is dryer than most concealers in lipstick form and could be built up to fill in the hollow place of my scar in addition to covering the redness. I highly recommend it for serious coverage issues.

I swear by my Mary Kay skin care products for their ani-aging benefits, but do use BE color cosmetics. I use the bisque to cover red areas around my nose, red spots from skin cancer treatments, and discoloration due to very thin skin under my eyes and on my eyelids. I was skeptical at first, but am impressed at how well it covers. I use bisque as concealer, foundation on top of that, then mineral veil as powder.

My only complaint is the product is so fine that it literally leaves my face looking "polished" - meaning shiny. I've experimented mixing 1/2 foundation and mineral veil trying to get a more matte finish, but that doesn't quite do it. Do any other BE users have this problem? Is there some other BE product I should be using? We only have one retailer here that I'm aware of and haven't had an opportunity to make an appointment with her for advice (private facialist, not retail store). I just have to order using the trial and error method!


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