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Plant Sale?

Lees Summit, MO(Zone 5b)

I've got a lot of plants that I took out of my own yard and I've ordered a bunch from a wholesaler... Any of you had any success selling a few in a garage sale? My neighborhood is having a combined garage sale April 29th and I'm thinking about putting out some of the *hundreds...* of plants that I have. Think advertising in the paper would help? Any ideas? I'm thinking hosta, daisies, a few shrubs, balloon flowers (oh how i love them!).

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Wow, you're close, I work in LS, across the street from McDonalds on Chipman
I was once thinking about doing something similar myself.
If I remember right, the city of Independence said that I would need some kind of license.

Its worth a try, just mix the stuff in with your other sale items so it don't look like your only selling plants.

If you called the city hall there and asked about it, they'd probably say no and quote the law, like Independence did with me. I believe they told me "Sir, its a $1000 fine for selling plants from home".
I think there is a separate license to sell plants retail from home agricultural maybe.
Not real sure about it, when Independence said fines I lost interest quick, its worth finding out in your city.
I'd also be sure to get the garage sale permit in LS. If its one of those subdivision garage sales it might be even less problematic.
Also, you mention that you bought many from a wholesaler, if that is the Missouri Dept' of Conservation's bundles, they threaten a $5000 fine for reselling their plants.

If you go ahead with it, let me know and I'll pay a visit, I'm always looking at plants.


Gravois Mills, MO(Zone 6a)

I think you should go ahead and just sell them and not ask anything aobut it. I sell Hosta from my collection through my garden club every year. Currently I have 53 hosta in 6-8 inch pots plus a couple Heiuchera and a couple of clums of ornimental grass.

I would like to know more about this license to sell plants at retail. There is a problem with Lowes and several of the box stores selling Hosta contaminated by virus X. This is something that is not their fault but they are going to sell them anyway. Virus X has no cure and it can destory every other hosta in your possesion.

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

I'm from NE and as far as I know there is no law against it here. I used to have a sale every year and sold 800-1000 plants each time. If you do it regularly you can get lots of repeat customers who watch for your sale. I did advertise in the paper. One thing that is very helpful is to make large, waterproof signs with a color photo of the plant, a description and what the plant's needs are. I also labeled each plant with the common and official name, the height and if they liked sun or shade ect. Some of the plants were ones I started from seed indoors over winter and others one I divided from my garden. Lots of work. When more of my daylilies big enough to divide again, I may have just a daylily sale. People do expect to pay a lower price than they would at a nursery.



Saint Louis, MO(Zone 6a)

I always see plants in the St. Louis Post Dispatch newpaper. You can put them in the Bargain Box, which is a free ad. I see Canna's, Daylilies, Hosta and Iris listed for sale on there. The canna's were just advertised 20 for $20. Maybe you can run an ad and not go through all the work of moving them around. Hope this helps a bit.


Gravois Mills, MO(Zone 6a)

I do not see why you can't. If my son did not have to work all the time I would take some hosta up there and let him sell them for me. I have several species that I am going to take pieces off.

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