St. Patrick's Day Peas-Update

Rhinebeck, NY(Zone 5b)

Here, on Easter, are the peas I planted on St. Patrick's day, 1" high. I used untreated seed and figure I got a 70% germination rate. In the bed next to this row is another row I planted on 4/1, and they're just peeking out. These were also untreated seeds, but these I did presoak in nitrogen fixing innoculant.

It may be that they just don't emerge until they're ready...but it still is fun to plant something on 3/17...with spring fever in full tilt!


Thumbnail by daisygrrl
Southern, CT(Zone 6a)

Nice job. They are growing & hardened-off. I'll try to remember that for next year.

Eastham, MA

Beautiful sproutings daisygrrl.
The last time I planted peas on 3/15 a rascal raccoon ate every seed right after sprouting and left the seedling to wither. I replanted not knowing the culprit and same thing happened again, BUT when I was out checking the doomed baby's I looked up and there was the culprit looking at me from the eaves of the garage. DH put a radio playing loud rock for the next two days in the attic. It worked and my next planting survived. I think I'll try St. Paddies planting again next year, it is so thrilling to have growth in the veggie garden in April.


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