Fragrant Iris List

Barnesville, GA(Zone 8a)

I just got this list from Argyle Acres In Texas (still trying to figure out how to order--I guess you just email them). Great prices tho!

BLACK AS NIGHT $5.00 37 Red-black S; darker F. Ruffled and fragrant.
BLACK MAGIC $5.00 18 Dark blue self, near black. Pronounced licorice fragrance. Dependable rebloomer. IB
BLATANT $6.00 36 S yellow; F beet-root red w/yellow haft marks; yellow B. Musky scent. Rebloomer.
BLITZ $3.00 10 Full yellow S; F velvety dark yellow; fragrant. One of the first to bloom. Rebloomer. SDB.
BOTTLED SUNSHINE $4.00 22 S yellow. F white w/yellow edge and hafts; gold B. Fragrant. IB
BOYSENBERRY BUTTERCUP $5.00 37 Creamy yellow S. F boysenberry purple. Fragrant.
CYCLES $5.00 38 Blue-purple w/alternating white spots on S and F; fragrant.
DAWN'S EDGE $5.00 32 White with falls haloed yellow; fragrant. Yellow B.
FATHOM $5.00 23 S medium violet blue, F violet blue; gray-blue B. Fragrant. IB
FLYBY $5.00 35 S white with a purple base. F wine purple with a half-inch white edge. Tangerine B. FRAGRANT.
GRAPE SITUATION $5.00 37 Grape purple self with brown hafts and a grape Kool-Aid fragrance. Wonderful!
GRAPETTE $5.00 35 Older purple plicata garden iris (not registered) with marvelous grape fragrance.
LADY JANE $10.00 32 Methyl violet with salmon rim on the F. Burnt-orange B. Fragrant.
LEMON PLEDGE $20.00 37 Bright yellow self w/strong lemon scent. Tall elegant stalks. Fragrant.
LIKE A CHARM $4.00 22 Light yellow and white; blue violet horns. Fragrant. SA. IB.
MAKE MINE MISTY $5.00 36 S very light salmon pink; F ivory blending to a light violet edge. Tangerine B. Sweet fragrance.
MARY FRANCES $5.00 38 Ruffled light blue-orchid w/white center on F. Fragrant. DM79
MILLION MILES $5.00 30 S violet blue; F lighter w/darker edge; white B tipped golden orange. Fragrant.
ORANGE POPSICLE $5.00 33 Ruffled and laced creamy orange with tangerine B. Fragrant. Vigorous.
PATRICIA CLAIRE $15.00 32 S purple; F black, purple around a purple B. Fragrant.
RUSH HOUR $9.00 36 Yellow with darker F and rim on S; dark yellow to orange B
SCARLET SAGE $5.00 38 S deep red-brown; F darker and brighter w/sandy overlay; fragrant.
SCENTED BUBBLES $7.00 36 Bubbly, bluebird blue with blue horns or flounces; very fragrant. SA. Rebloomer.
SEPTEMBER SAILOR $6.00 30 S medium blue; F darker, veined dark blue; blue B. Smells like root beer. Fragrant. Rebloomer.
SOONER SERENADE $5.00 40 S red violet; F cherry black w/red violet border; ruffled and fragrant.
SUNNY DISPOSITION $6.00 36 Primrose yellow with yellow B. Very fragrant. Terrific rebloomer.
SWERTII $6.00 30 White w/blue stitching. From the 17th century. Great fragrance. 400 years old.
THAT SCENTSATION $6.00 37 Smooth medium blue; yellow B. Fragrant. Rebloomer.
TRICK OR TREAT $5.00 34 Ruffled purple; mustard B turning to purple feathered horns or spoons; fragrant. SA.
VANITY'S CHILD $5.00 29 Light pink S; very pale pink F with green veining. Beverly Sills sibling.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Are the prices for 1 rizome each?

Lizella, GA(Zone 8a)

Oh my many flowers so little time. I have the Beverly Sills they were showing in picture. It is in shade and I think I need to move it for more bloom. Thanks for the website.. Elaine

Midway, TX(Zone 8b)

Thanks so much for letting us know about Argyle Acres in Texas. I am thrilled to know they are located here in my home state. I am saving their website to my favorites.

Phoenix, AZ

Help! I found this gorgeous iris at my hairdresser's. No one knows what it's called - in fact, they know nothing about it other than it's been there 'forever' and it just does its thing. It is blacker than this photo and it smells delicious. Any idea what it is?

Thumbnail by tomatofreak
Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I'm pretty sure there's an iris forum--you might have better luck posting there.

Fredericksburg, TX(Zone 8a)

Is there a kind of iris that's good for naturalizing? I like irises but I always have a much harder time fighting the burmuda grass around irises. If I could find one that could grow through the grass that would be great.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I'd recommend the iris forum for that question too--you'll probably get more suggestions there.

Fredericksburg, TX(Zone 8a)

Oh, you're right Ecrane. I forgot which forum I was in.:)

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