Southern Plant and Flower Festival starts today!

surfside beach, SC(Zone 8b)

Sorry that this is late but starting today thru Sunday,there will be the Southern Plant and Flower Festival the oldest and largest of the Dept.of Agriculture SC.The Festival will be held at the Pee Dee State Farmers Market 2513 W.Lucas Florence SC.The number to call for info is 803-734-2200.
According to the SC Market Bulletin this festival has acres of plants,flowers,outdoor furniture and other gardening products and supplies.

I am going this morning with a gardening buddy who is visiting from the NC mountains.I will post after I return to let you know if it is worth the trip.It is about 1 and a half hours drive for me.

If you miss this one there is another one in the Greenville SC.State Farmers Market from May4--thru May 7th.

surfside beach, SC(Zone 8b)

By the way,the festival was worth the drive.There were mostly commercial growers but I met a woman with a one gal operation.She had very special small plants at great prices.She only sells at plant shows and is located West of Colombia.She is just the kind of grower I am looking for.

I also picked up plugs of some other plants not available locally.Even with the high price of gas,it was worth going.


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