Natural Garden Art

Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)

I have all kinds of little statues and things I brought when I moved up from Lauderdale which are scattered about the yard and gardens.

On 5 acres with lots of trees you find it necessary to chop down a few. There are some interesting formations on many of them so this is what we did.

We had to take this tree down because it was mostly hollow. Very dangerous in a big wind. Rather than dig out the stump, we'll use it as a planter until it decomposes.

Thumbnail by MollyMc
Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)

Another hollow one that had to come down, is now a fox squirrel feeder.

Thumbnail by MollyMc
Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)

This one was perfect for a sedum planter.

Thumbnail by MollyMc
Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)

Another planter for Ice Plant

Thumbnail by MollyMc
Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)

Another planter. This one for creeping (or is that weeping) bamboo grass and verbena.

Thumbnail by MollyMc
Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)

We haven't completed decided what this piece will be so we planted it, gave it some hair and it's waiting.

Thumbnail by MollyMc
Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)

And the largest piece of garden art, maybe not so natural except that it's wood. It has been named an arbor and a gazebo. The original stucture was a grape arbor and we dismantled it and brought it home. The fencing was originally on a deck. I just threw all these pieces together, added 2 pieces of newer landscaping lumber and this is what we got.

I can't wait for the passie, pea vine and climbing jasmine to take off and cover it.

Thanks for letting me share.


Thumbnail by MollyMc
Fort Pierce, FL(Zone 10a)

Good golly Ms Molly!!! You have the eye of an artist and the soul of a don't do too bad at "dumpster diving" too. LOL I REALLY love your new arbor.

I'm enjoying all the threads and pictures of your new home, keep 'em coming.

(Taylor) Plano, TX(Zone 8a)

Love the foxsquirrel feeder!

That stump has great personality, and what a cutie pie inside! We don't have squirrels like that here. He sure is pretty.

What is the bronze colored sedum in picture #3?...pretty.

The Villages, FL(Zone 9a)

Fantastic, all of them!! Karen

Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)

Thanks so much Pati & Karen.

T? I can't find a tag on that sedum. It seems its the only one I have like it. I believe it came from one of the local nurseries so I am hopeful that it likes living in this area.

And the Fox Squirrel was into digging up my plants that I have put alfalfa under when I planted them. So now he has his own feeder and he leaves my stuff alone.


Springfield, OH(Zone 5b)

Very nice Molly!

Tellico Plains, TN(Zone 7b)

Molly, you should be on that HGTV show "That's Clever"

That is sooo clever of you .

Thanks for sharing.

Los Angeles, CA(Zone 9a)

Absolutely beautiful and inspired! Very wabi sabi:

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Great Job Molly!! I love all of your natural planters, etc.
I have a comment on your one that has hair but is unamed. It looks like a Wil E. Coyote to me!

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