interior wood stove codes

Ann Arbor, MI

Can any one tell me where to find all specific federal and state codes regarding the installation of a cast iron wood burning stove and its ventilation?

Frankfort, KY

Try your city government/ordinances or the city fire dept which will send out an inspector.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Here'a the official site of the national safety database for wood stoves. I followed it when I did my installation a few years ago and had no problems with inspectors.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

BTW, I had a local sheet metal place bend stainless steel panels which I mounted on the walls for ventilation so I could keep the stove closer to the walls. At first burn, the floor (with 2 layers of fireboard) got too hot so I had them make a similar piece to sit under the stove. Never had a hot (or even warm) floor after that.

Frankfort, KY

I didn't mean to threaten anyone with an inspector. I was suggesting that you get in touch with the fire dept. to have an inspector sent out to advise you.

Ann Arbor, MI

Thank you both for your advice; it has been most helpful. The CSU weblink was very helpful... just the information we needed.

Thank you again,
josh & sarah

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

People, including ourselves want to avoid getting permits when we can and dealing with the buerocracy of the inspectors and their wierd inconsistancies, however when it comes to possably burning your house down and your insurance NOT COVERING it because it wasn`t permitted, it is not worth it unless youare sure of the codes and are a contractor or fire man, don`t do it with out permits.

Montreal, Canada

Can someone help me please...

I just had my new stove installed by a local dealer. They installed it the closest they could (after reading the manual's minimum clearance).

It's installed in a corner. On the right side, the stove have an integrated shield (that prevent the wall from overheating)... but on the left side, there is no shield (there is a side door).

My problem is.... even if the installation is "legal", I don't trust it (the wall on the left is very hot... I can't put my hand on it).

I am looking for a kind of heat shield (not a permanent one)... something that I could just put between the stove and the wall (a kind of metal sheet supported by little legs). I'm sure it will prevent the wall from overheating....

Do you know where I can find a shield like this?

Thank you very much!

Here's a picture of my stove (Vermont Casting Dutchwest Medium 2478)

Thumbnail by corpix
So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Go to a sheet metal shop and have them make one. Mine attached to the wall with the sides bent like a lip, and left a clearance of one inch from the wall. It is important that the shield have several inches clearance near the floor and stop 2-3 feet above the stove. This makes it work like a chimney, pulling air between the shield and wall which keeps the wall cool.

Maybe you can tell from this photo how mine looked although the photo was focusing on my cat, not the stove. It was made from stainless steel and I think the total cost was under $100 for both pieces.

Thumbnail by darius
Frankfort, KY

Speaking of wood burning stoves, the chimney sweep came this a.m. and cleaned it and the stove pipe to prepare it for winter.

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

Hey anyone heard od the electic feaux fireplaces? they are attractive space heaters for a room.

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