Suppose to really get

Tulsa, OK(Zone 7a)

Rain and storm to i can do without storms but please the rain.. Susan did get it last night sounded like you were and storms. we did not here.. was big let down waited for the rain drops. well weather man says forget it he don't know lol...

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

I'll pray some of the rain comes your way Tazzy. Sounds like you really need it. We are still getting a few sprinkles. Don't think it has added up to much.


Tulsa, OK(Zone 7a)

no I'm twyla or hope 43.. ..... tazzy is pat.. we got rain about 20 min of horrible downpour hail bug hail. i got soaked went to p.o. mailed misty her lacets wow it was a downpour yard flooded even. i looked like drowned rat came inside house. lol..

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

Sorry Twyla, I was just reading a post from Tazzy about how much she needed rain too. Glad you got some. Hope at least some of it soaked in.


Tulsa, OK(Zone 7a)

its ok we are few miles a part.. we got it more than enough hail huge hail lots damage here. my plants got it. so here i go again. ah well we did need rain but none this.. windshields busted all windows actually in autos. and homes to huge hail.i have limbs all over things blown.lots had worse way worse.. electric out areas. SUSAN how you what get.??

Bartlesville, OK(Zone 6a)

We ended up with 2.25 inches of rain, just little hail, not very much wind. Very lucky I guess. Loved the rain. Sat out on the front porch and just enjoyed listening to the thunder and nice rain.

I'm sorry to hear you got all that damage. Wish we could just get the needed rain and not have to put up with that.

Just realized you were probably talking to 'Lincoln' Susan. I will have to start signing 'kitty' Susan



Tulsa, OK(Zone 7a)

no jno was talking to you in Bartlesville.. lol..

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