Cool poultry t-shirts

Shenandoah Valley, VA(Zone 6b)

Sometimes you want a t-shirt that tells the world you're a chicken geek but that doesn't look like it was designed by Disney or Hallmark. And that fits.

I really want the brown one at Parks & Wreck, but I don't see that they have any more women's sizes available:

And a great one featuring exotic breeds (on the back)

Cleveland, GA(Zone 7a)

I love the shirt for Poultry Underground!!!

Clinton, AR(Zone 7a)

I know of a site where you can upload your own image of the breed or other pic you want on your shirt and they make it for you.

Here is the shirt I designed by uploading a pic from my computer to their site.

Thumbnail by Duckwing_Mtn
Shenandoah Valley, VA(Zone 6b)

Thanks, Duckwing. That's a potentially addictive site. Nice shirt.

Shenandoah Valley, VA(Zone 6b)

Okay, Parks & Wreck is making more women's "urban chicken" shirts.

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