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SE Arky, United States(Zone 8a)

Our three hens have 9 new babies. One baby isn't progressing like the others - if it was a Golden baby, I'd give it white karo, but I don't know if that is appropriate for baby chicks. Any suggestions??? TIA!! Any other suggestions regarding their care will be sincerely appreciated too - if there is already a thread, please send the addy. Thanks again...

SE Arky, United States(Zone 8a)

We dried the baby, it is raining, put it back under the momma and our recent check revealed that the baby is smaller than the others, seems very healthy, already eating baby food, but one of it's legs isn't working properly. I hope the next time we check that it's better. I would say this baby is a last day egg - the other 9 are all about the same size. The first 24 hours has passed. We have hand fed and watered the hens, All the babies are eating, growing. How much time should pass before one would reasonably believe all the eggs that are going to hatch, have hatched?? While we have fed all the hens/chicks and we have watered the hens, but none of the hens seems one bit interested in leaving their nests. My grand girls & niece, three 11 year olds, and one 14, have managed all the chickens - I check behind them, but after 6 full months and the hatchings, they know the ropes well. They have been attempting to hatch in an incubator, but have had zero luck after many tries. So, our goal with the the three hens and 18 eggs was not ambitious, if we had a singleton baby, we would have been happy campers, so 10 chicks, so far, is like the world's best Christmas and they are adorable...and what luck that they were hatched Friday, so they have the weekend to enjoy them...

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

Sherry, sorry i was gone all day and missed your post. i hope the littlest chick is well. i have one named Tiny. He still is, but he doesn't know it!

Here is the link i use for first aid problems. you might need it if the chick has a foot or leg problem:


oops, that's good, but not for feet! try this:


i hope this helps, and i am so glad you all have the chicks to enjoy thiis weekend. at almost 6 weeks old, we are still enjoying ours everyday...


SE Arky, United States(Zone 8a)

Thanks Tam!! The baby is fine, by night, yesterday, it was standing without wobbling and today it is hopping around, it's small, but basically they are all about the same size, we think Little Hen, smallest hen we have, is the mother of the majority of the chicks because many are marked with a little gray and she's the only chick in the yard with gray. So, that baby is fine and we have one with an eye that has been slow to open but it's about 1/2 open now and I expect it to open on up, we'll see. I'm pleased to have the sites and have marked them for future reference. We are really enjoying the babies and cannot believe they finally hatched...I appreciate your reply!!!!!!!

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

i think i used vaseline with good success getting the eye opened, just put a great big glob on their, they will rub at it gently enough to open it wihtout huritng themselves...

keep in mind the one that is hopping around seems better now, but [as i just recently experienced, could be in trouble later. go ahead and do the splint, and watch carefully that is doesn't tire out easily. keep the food and water REALLY close so she doesn't have far to go to either.

we had one named Quarter [please don't ask me how we come up with names, i have very imaginative boys], and at first he was a little splayed, i put a badage on, but too far apart, and he couldn't walk in it, so i took it off. after about a week of being separate with just a few chicks, , he was getting along great, and i let more chicks in with them. he tired out, gave up, and dehydrated quickly... i will try to post a pic of him with his splint.

my situation was different than yours, since mine were in a brooder... just watnted to share this info for you or someone else. Quarter was a real sweetie. I saw he was giving up, and i held him in my hand near a heat lamp so he was warm dry and comfortable, and breathing well. but he just decided to leave...

this picture shows as close as i could get of the splint when done right [took me a few tries] i read somewhere, and this helped, to cut a standard BandAid in two long pieces. the guaze part is how far apart there feet should be, closer than you would think. and you wrap the sticky part around the legs...

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