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Old time rose? (timer?)

Memphis, TN

My grandmother had a couple of these in Ohio, they were either old timer or old time roses they were a small rose with delicate looking leaves. Any help with the name of these or where to find them would be great. Thanks

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

What color? Prickles? If yellow, they could be Harison's Yellow, four to five feet high and three to four foot wide. If pink or cream, they could be a pimpinellifolia or spinosissima, pimpinellifolia are about 4 feet high and columnular, spinosissima have more of an arching silouette and the leaves are larger. How big were the bushes? Were they shrub size or miniatures?

And, by the way, welcome to Dave's Garden!

Olive Branch, MS(Zone 7b)

You might want to check out the best rose search database on the web, HelpMeFind but since there are over 12,000 roses in commerce currently, and tons more than that that have fallen by the wayside, it may be difficult to find out more about your rose unless you have more clues. Would it be possible to go back to your grandmother's and root some? Often, if you actually have a specimen example, it's lots easier to ID, but still it's not always possible. But, at least you'd have some of your grandmother's roses.

I grow a hybrid tea called Oldtimer (or Old Timer?) It has large bronze to gold colored flowers. The repeat is a bit slow and I believe that there may be better roses than this in the color class, but I do like the color.

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