tips on rooting cuttings

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Thanks for the bump, Robin! I'll take some cuttings and get photos... like the clump transplanting post, this will eventually be turned into an article also, combining Tom's techniques and my own experience. :-)

I've been concentrating on seed starting articles this spring.

"Seed Starting 101: Sowing Seeds and Clump Transplanting for Sturdy Seedlings" was one of yesterday's DG articles:

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& so I read that very article sometime yesterday about 7:25 PM!

~* Robin

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I root cuttings in a small cold frame in a shady spot in the garden. It is a 4 X 4 box which is about 16 inches in the back and 8 inches in the front. I use a mixture of h alf river ( not play ) sand and peat moss.
For most cuttings you cut on a slant just below the node, dust with rooting harmone and stick the cutting by poking a hole with your finger and then putting the cutting in it. If you have a lot of cuttings to stick justt slit a line with a knife in the sand and stick each cutting that way. do this with roses herbacious perennials and an occassion al shrub.
I rremember working in a farm nursery some 50 plus years ago and watching an old timer filling a whole greeen house bench with taxus cutttings. lHe didn't even use rooting harmone. It still worked !

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