Weeping Cherry Tree, Weeping Higan Cherry 'Pendula' (Prunus subhirtella)

Mercer, PA(Zone 5a)

Weeping Cherry Tree, Weeping Higan Cherry 'Pendula'
Prunus subhirtella

A gorgeous specimen of Weeping Cherry on a beautiful spring day in Mercer, Pennsylvania.

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Richmond, VA

Dear TC,
Your tree is so lovely. I have been trying to purchase a tree that will grow into what yours has become. I am having problems. For one, I have a two year old tree that has become a mop/bush. It grows outward, not upward. Even after pruning. What should I be asking for when I contact nurseries- a non-grafted prunus subhirtella pendulus (Higan Cherry Tree) or a grafted tree??? I would deeply appreciate any help you might give me. See tree on left side of photo from last year.
Sonny Bowyer

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Mercer, PA(Zone 5a)

Hello Sonny,

Thanks for the compliment on my photograph. Unfortunately I can only take credit for the photo, not the actual growing of the tree. I snapped the picture last year while driving along a side street in Mercer. I don't live there. Sorry I can't be of help with your cherry tree problem.


Camano Island, WA(Zone 8b)

Dear Moorman,

I am having the same trouble. I purchased an 8-foot tree at a local nursery, but when I got it home I noticed it was grafted at the base and at the top of the trunk. In other words, the tree is 90% something else and just the top 8 inches is the real weeping cherry. The tag on the tree had both Higan Cherry and Prunus subhirtella "Pendula". Since then I've found the tree planted in two other locations, trees that have been in the ground more than 10 years. They basically look like a thick post with an umbrella on top, weeping to the ground -- no vertical growth at all. I am very angry with the nursery for miss-representing what they are selling, especially since they had a picture of the real Higan Cherry, 40 feet tall, right next to the display. I have the room in my yard for a huge tree and want the real thing, but I haven't been able to find one.

If you find a nursery on-line that sells the real thing, please let me know. In the meantime, I may have to take a lesson in how to take a cutting from the top of this bogus tree.

Port Washington, OH

I understand this is late ,but if it still counts, get one that is only grafted at the base of the tree at the soil line, or from a cutting. When u get one that has a graft higher up the trunk, it will create more of a stunted size that will not get much taller but quite a bit fuller. Those usually fit in small city yards better, so they'll be in the garden centers more often. They grow best in full sun, can withstand more wind then most pendula's, soil is not as impt. even clay is fine as long as you don't dig a hole into thick clay and put the root ball right in it. Mound it up well in the planting bed w/ old cow manure and compost mixed w/ the soil. Don't let it dry out for long periods ever especially the first 2 yrs, and don't let it sit in standing water, that's why the mounds work best for the cherries. In favorable conditions, they'll grow faster then willows.

Camano Island, WA(Zone 8b)

I finally found a "real" Weeping Higan Cherry Prunus subhirtella Pendula'. It arrived last week, about 24 inches tall, and it is now in the ground in a southern exposure, full sun, between an 80-foot Big Leaf Maple and an 80-foot Western Red Cedar, with three Giant Sequioas (baby trees now) behind it. I hope to have a spectacular setting once everything matures.

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