Leanna{Leannah} Weghman{Wigham/Wegham} in Columbia Co., FL

Santa Barbara County, CA(Zone 9a)

Looking for information on Leanna Weghman (may be spelled differently), who was married to John A. M. Kirby (their marriage date was 15 Nov 1879). I have conflicting info for Leanna's birthdate: May 1840 and (unknown month) 1847. She died in 1910 and is buried in Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery in Lake City, FL. Leanna and John had three children: Effie Kirby, Annie Stella Kirby, born Nov 1881, and William Davis Kirby (born May 1886). Leanna's father's first name was Matthew.

John (Leanna's husband) was born in South Carolina and later moved to Columbia County, FL. I am not sure where Leanna was born. A lot of families in Columbia County (at least the ones I'm finding in my family research) moved from South Carolina in the late 1800's, but I'm not sure if the Weghmans were among them.

Any information on Leanna or her father Matthew Weghman (and his wife, Leanna's mother) would be much appreciated. Even just finding out how their last name is spelled would be a huge help. Thank you!

Edited to say: I have found numerous other spellings of Leanna's first and last names: Whickham, Wickem, Wayman, etc. etc. Also, in 1886 Leanna and John inherited 40 acres in Columbia Co, FL from her father Matthew Weghman (or however it's spelled); she was Matthew's only heir.

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