Found a great new chicken tractor!

Dewittville, NY

We are starting out our first brood of baby chicks. The big question was how to get a reasonably good looking coop for them without spending a fortune!

My husband has Parkinson's and can no longer do things that require a lot of muscle. Hiring someone to build is too expensive, so after much "googling", I found the perfect solution for us elderly folks! It is a bit pricey, compared to "do-it-yourself" with scrap lumber, but the ease of cleaning, the ease of moving it, and the "predator-proof" feature provided by the run-skirt thingy makes it perfect for us!

Shenandoah Valley, VA(Zone 6b)

That's a great little tractor. I remember hearing about it in the UK. Small-scale poultry keeping is definitely on the increase again.

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