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Cinch Belt

bath, United Kingdom

I really want to invest in one of the new cinch style belts but a not so polite family member tells me at a size 14 I am too large!

I hope not! I've found this really cool site called http://www.thelatestthing.co.uk
should I invest or leave my muffin tops covered!?

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

Corset type belts have been coveted by women for ages! And I have yet to see one look bad on anyone. And please - a size 14 is hardly large. Who doesn't love the tiny waisted look? It will enhance your figure & make you feel great. A very classy look. All that matters is what YOU think. P.S. - That not-so-polite relative lacks dignity.
And I wish that these waist cincher belts were in here in the US - there was nothing more feminine & sexy that the high waisted pants. We follow the Uk in fashion - perhaps it isn't far behind!

bath, United Kingdom

Hi again,
Thanks for that advice! I've been going shopping crazy this last month and now The Latest Thing are stocking the Celebrity Minx range! How cool!!!
Actually I have lost a stone in weight and am now a size 12 so I think they look even better.


Claremore, OK(Zone 6a)

You go girl ! Congrats on the stone you left behind. Keep up the good work. I'm a 14, wanting to be a 12.

I'm always looking for some way to make the middle look a little narrower. Maybe the cinch belt is the answer.

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