We are having rain....yippie!!!

Crozet, VA

Good Monday Morning to All - Nothing is falling from the sky as I type this, but the skies look threatening. Come on rain.....we need you. I just thought of something.....I keep starting posts about the weather......does that mean that I am extra boring and only have the weather to talk about? haha

I suppose that it could be worse. The weather plays such a large role in how our gardens turn out, that I can't keep from mentioning it. I spoke of my rock bed in a post last week and mickgene asked where the pictures were of it. Ha ha- they will be coming. As soon as I attempt to figure out picture program for this new computer.

Mick - I might wait to post pics here after the lattice is put up, which should be very soon. As soon as my hubby and the weather cooperate to spray weed killer under the deck, I will begin taking some pics for you guys.

I think that the weather forecast is for some more rain today. I haven't been outside to check on gardens today due to it being muddy. I have some transplanting waiting for me to do on the first day that I can get out.

I don't know if I have mentioned that hubby and I have taken on an extra large project this spring. We are attempting to cover most of steep front yard with mulch and plants rather than having to mow which can become dangerous. We have truck loads of mulch and cow manure sitting sitting in piles out there now. Thank goodness that we live in the country and don't have anyone too near by that might complain about the condition of our place. haha

I am hoping that all of you others who need rain are getting some too. Happy gardening to all of you.


somewhere, PA

Did it actually rain there Ruby? We're bone dry here in NE Pa. and the weather man keeps pushing out
the prediction of rain and its seems it will never come!

I've planted out several steep slopes at my place. Its very rewarding to see the results. I look forward to
seeing your before & after photos!


Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

Just an FYI - http://davesgarden.com/forums/t/593946/ Seedpicker mentions having lots of sedum sarmentosum. When I looked it up here on Dave's it sounds like it could cover an area ASAP. Just thought I'd mention it - in case anyone was interested.

Crozet, VA

Hi Tammy and Chantell - I had to think very hard back to Monday when I first posted this. Yes, we did have rain on Monday afternoon. Tuesday was dry, as is today, but temps were lower yesterday.

Our forecast has it giving us rain showers for the next seven days, other than this Friday. We will see. I am sure that a few of the rain storms will pass us by. We are still dry here.

I suppose that now it is being "official" and people in our zone can begin planting, that we will all be really busy next week. I know that I have loads of seed packets awaiting. I bought a few live plants earlier today at a small hardware store in my small town. I got two beautiful purple colored pansies, miniature marigolds, rosemary, lavender and a pink spotted plant.

I didn't have time to get them planted today, but will aim for tomorrow. Anyway, supposedly after this coming Sunday, we are safe to plant to our hearts desire.

Happy planting all.


Winchester, VA(Zone 6b)

sound of ripping seed packets in the background......

pray for rain.

(hey it will rain you know - the irrigation system is in and working - so now it will rain)

somewhere, PA

I planted my tomatos on Sun and went to water them tonight. They were parched!
I sure hope it does rain most days for the next week.

and everything is ready to plant the peppers, beans, squash and melons. (do ya
hear the seed packets ripping open over here too?)


Crozet, VA

You Sweethearts - I was trying to open the packages without anyone hearing it. Doggone it!

Anyway, it is Thursday morning and we are having some steady rain today. Yes, it is wonderful to have it when it has been so dry. Tammy, I hope that your area is getting some of the wet stuff too.

I have always been amazed how magical a drink of water is to plants that look so horrid from dryness. Of course, there are times that the dryness has gone too far and a drink won't help. I always hate losing a plant, whatever the cause.

Today is houseplant attention day. I have been tickled with how well my inside plants did this past winter. I gave them a lot of attention though, so they are paying me back. All of the cold months, I would come on Internet and look at gardening sites and message boards, and then go and do inside gardening.

I had an awful scare on Tuesday with a dog and a pot of germinating castor beans. I believe that my oldest dog ate one of the beans and the sprout. He was standing over the pot and chewing. I went nuts with phone calls. As it goes, our local Veterinarian was closed and gave an emergency number to call. Yep, that didn't open until 6 PM and it was about 2 o'clock. In the mean time, I called another couple of Vet's offices and all the docs were away.

I finally called a friend who is a certified veterinarian technician and has worked almost 30 years in the profession. I also got on Internet do see the antidote.

For everyone's information.....the way to make a dog vomit is to make him drink 2 plus ounces of hydrogen peroxide. Poor dog finally heaved everything up after getting a belly full of the peroxide.

I learned a good lesson. I was so scared that I was going to lose him to my own stupidness. The only reason that I had the pot within his reach was because I had just been putting holes in the bottom of the pot. I didn't put it up high again after doing that.

I was thinking, oh my gosh.....as much as I have begun loving planting and if that was involved in my precious pet's death, I would never be able to look at gardening again. Thank God that it is now two days later and he is fine. I guess that I ought to start a new thread somewhere letting others know first how stupid I was and secondly, how to make dogs throw up. haha

Have another good day everyone.


Fairmont, WV(Zone 6a)

Ruby, glad to hear your dog is OK!!! I have 4 cats, I know how terrifying that experience can be...oh no, what did he eat, it's 2 in the morning on a Sunday, ACK!!! I now have a one year old who puts everything in his mouth, so I made a conscious decision not to grow toxic plants until he gets out of this habit. The two seconds I don't pay attention, he somehow manages to put horse poo in his mouth. Thank goodness it hasn't been any deadlier than that so far...

Best to you and your pooches...

Winchester, VA(Zone 6b)


What do you use the castor beans for?

Shenandoah Valley, VA

Gee, Ruby, I always wanted to know how to make dogs throw up. LOL

Glad your doggy is okay. We have to be really careful to keep any medicines where my dog can't reach them. Thanks to the yummy heartworm pill, she thinks anything that looks like a pill is a treat.

Roxroe, she's growing castor bean plant with those beans. This is what it looks like

Some people plant them for pretty, some to help keep moles out of their yards.

Winchester, VA(Zone 6b)

oh - I thought she might be making her own castor oil?!

somewhere, PA

My cat once ate dieffenbachia leaves (they call it "dumb cane" cause the oxalic acid causes the
vocal cords to freeze up). I did not need to figure out how to induce vomiting. My kitty had no
trouble with that... all over my apartment!

And... guess what... its RAINING HERE tonight. Finally finally. Yippeee.... Happy dance here.
Woo Hoo....


Crozet, VA

So glad to hear that you are having some rain Tammy. I know that the farmers and gardeners in your area are happy. My dad used to own a peach orchard and also had a small cattle farm. He worried so much about the weather. There is really no need to worry about it, because it is gonna do, what it is gonna do, despite us.

Couple of days of rain this week kept me from doing any planting. As sweet as I am, I might have melted. NOT! haha Actually, I have an autoimmune system disorder that I have to pay very close attention to in order to remain as healthy as I can. I cannot get in the rain, or I will pay for it, somehow or someway. Usually sinus infections that take forever to heal.

Other days this week I have had inside stuff to do, or errands to run so I haven't been in my flower beds at all this week. I have loads of transplanting to do and have even bought a few things while on errands.

When I arrived home from errands earlier today, there were two packages from Spring Hill Nursery waiting for me on the step. I had so much stuff to put away from shopping that I haven't looked to see what goodies are in the boxes yet. They won't get planted today either, whatever they are.

Maybe tomorrow morning I can find some time to do the things that life got in the way of this week. So far, I am thrilled with what is growing so far. I so envy the lush and full gardens that I see some of the other members post. Can't wait till mine is filled in more.

Roxroe, for some reason I thought that you had more experience with gardening than I just read on the post about landscaping. I have only dabbled in the past but have gone all out this year with purchases.

Here is to more rain for those of us who are dry. Have a great weekend everyone.


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