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My Skin became SMOOOOOOOOOOOOTH!!!!!

I disliked waxing coz of the after-wax redness and inflammation. Every time I used to come home from waxing, I went through after-wax redness, itch and other small problems. My female co-workers as well as someone on this forum only advised to rub an antiseptic alum block on the waxed skin. I rubbed the moistened crystal-like alum block on the waxed area (it stings a little like my boyfriend’s aftershave lotion), and then rinsed away….surprisingly redness, itch and inflammation disappeared…..
To aid a little with its availability, I have tried most of them, but the best quality and deal came from an online store www.shavex.com Post further to let me know who all among us are using alum block as an after-wax soother and are happy with it? Is there anything we can do beforehand to avoid the problem in the first place?

Note: Moderators please understand that I am not advertising anything here but supporting the members with the availability of a scarcely available material....modify my post if its offending.

Englishtown, NJ(Zone 6b)

What is an alum block?

Sharon, MA(Zone 5b)

alum in a powdered form can be found in the spice section of the grocery store. My husband has used it all his(shaving) life to stop bleeding. I have always wondered if it was safe, seeing you are intoducing something into your bloodstream if you are using it to stop bleeding. I looked it up on a website called www.ewg.org, which evaluates the safety of products.

Rehoboth, MA(Zone 5a)

Donna, just dicovered this thread but am not able to connect to that hyperlink are you sure it is correct? No .com? I would be very interested in it

Sharon, MA(Zone 5b)

Maria, I was unable to use the link also. It is a .org, though, not .com, and it is there, I just checked it. its www.ewg.org or Environmental Working Group is the name, if you still can't get it try googling that, but Environmental Working Group dot org is another(wrong) website.You need to use the initials.

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Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

I believe thsi is also sold for pet birds - as a bleeding aid when clipping their talons. Perhaps this would make it easier to locate -

Lansdale, PA(Zone 7a)

I am a big fan of waxing. However, I have several reactions to the wax. For me it is best to utilize wax intended for sensitive skin. Removing hair suddenly will cause the body to react. I lightly apply a coating of baby oil over the are which soothes the skin, and also removes excess wax. This works for me, perhaps someone else may benefit also.

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