Riding Lawn Mower

Eastlake, OH(Zone 5a)

I am in the market for buying a riding lawn mower due to my health. I have a small yard, 65X135. There are lots of beds and trees with a perenial garden. I am looking for a small riding lawn mower, and I have looked at the Ariens 1534 Zero Turn lawn Mower. Does anyone have any information on this product, or does anyone own one? I need something small, also because of storage.

Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

Hello Ironsides,

I am so sorry, it appears no one answered your post. I have
never heard of the Airens, but wondered if you ended up buying
one, and if you like it?

:-) Karen Marie

Debary, FL


I, too, have a yard that has many curved beds and I have 2 acres.

I had to find a zero turn lawn mower that would fit in my shed (which limited the blade size). I finally found it. I just purchased the lawn boy 38' ZTR model with a honda motor. model 81230H. A fantastic machine with a FULL 2 YEAR warranty. By the way, it is on sale
till the end of this month (MAY).

It is cute and very comfortable and does an excellent job. This will be fun.

Lisbon, IA(Zone 5a)

I don't know about their ZTR's but Ariens made a good lawn tractor years ago. I still have one that is probably 20+ years old. I have it over at my in-laws, since it was too small (48" deck) for what I needed.


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