my Lilium seeds germinated

Outer Hobart, Australia(Zone 6a)

Well , it feels special to have got some going.
1 month old seedlings, Late autumn, Nthn. Sydney,
Only a few years to go now!

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Willamette Valley, OR(Zone 8a)

Ah, they are so cute! They look like they have little hats. Keep us posted on how they do.

Outer Hobart, Australia(Zone 6a)

My Lilium seedlings are 1 year old.
seeds from buggycrazy.
very pleased with them.
all Summer under moist area/shadecloth.

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Winnipeg, MB(Zone 2b)

Your seedlings look just great. Hope they will adjust to xeriscape gardening. CBC has been having a series on the terrible drought in Australia. Apparently people are having showers in tin tubs in the shower stalls, in order to use saved water in their gardens. Your farmers must be having an awful time. Would be interseted to see what other lilies/iris you grow.
Can you tell I love to see other people's gaden pix.


Outer Hobart, Australia(Zone 6a)

Hi inanda, thanks for your interest.
Yes, the seedlings look really healthy, which pleases me a lot!
And, the drought here,'s always in drought now.
We have water restrictions in place,
and hand watering gardens is prohibited.
The farmers are doing it tough for sure,
and people everywhere are recycling water from showers,
and washing for the garden. I do too, and i'm on the Coast,
were we at least get regular rainfall.
The global warming thing is predicted to make Australia
hotter and drier..which is the last thing we need.
but as always, we make do!
I am a fan of bulbs,
and you can see some of my plants, and artwork..
at my Flickr pages..[email protected]/

i am bloomoon there too.many thanks for your reply.
arte in Oz.

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Outer Hobart, Australia(Zone 6a)

mmm.. the system has added something to that link.

it ends at N00
all that follows is wrong.

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Willamette Valley, OR(Zone 8a)

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Southern, WI(Zone 5a)

Bloomoon, your "yearlings" from Buggy Crazy look great.

Outer Hobart, Australia(Zone 6a)

My first flower from BuggyCrazy seeds.
the only one to flower in the second year.
the rest all going dormant for our Winter.
thanks for your comments friends.

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Greensburg, IN(Zone 6a)

bloomoon both the blue and red lilies are spectacular, I have never seen one like the blue one befor, how long did it take to bloom'


Southern, WI(Zone 5a)

Nice Buggy bloom. I long for the day one of mine seedlings has a bloom.

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