What is the REAL function of this item...

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I have had one for years and was just about to toss it when I decided to use the internet to see if I could find its use. This eBay link has a good picture but I don't think it's for cooking tortilas. Anyone got any ideas? The plastic handles prevent it from going in the oven and I'm a little afraid of heating it over a gas stove eye.


Any opinions would be appreciated.


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the link does not open for me. can u post photo instead??? thx.

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Hello Judy,

Ebay item #4461679477

I could not find any worthwhile information other than a post on the
internet which reads the following:

"This is a very unusual piece of cookware. It is called Lacotta, made in Italy. Other markings are La Salute E Nella Cotta/Marchio Depositato. The markings are on both sides. This is made like an omelet maker or a mountain pie maker. The two handles, when pulled apart, show two separate identical sides. The oval part measures 8-1/2" x 6-1/2" and the handle is 6" long. Possibly, these make Italian items like calzones or something similar. "

Looks interesting, whatever it is. I love odd kitchen items!

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High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

since Italians love to bake their omelet/fritata, ceramic would be a good baking pan. ceramic are good conductor for heat in the oven. it is not use on top of the stove but inside the oven. hope that help.

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