Purple leaves

Ballwin, MO

OK, this may sound a little loony, but has anyone had experience with Persian Shield turning other plants' leaves purple? It seems like the plants that are near my Persian Shield - namely two hydrangeas and two colombine - are getting purple leaves. Should I be worried? Weird. Is this normal or is it a fungus?

Pocola, OK(Zone 7a)

I don't see how it would be something to worry about, but it is strange. I'll have to scoot my potted Persian Shield closer to some other plants and see if it happens for me. Interesting!

Ballwin, MO

I think it is a fungus on my hydrangeas. Maybe the Columbine too, and the Persian Shield is just a coincidence. Its strange, though because the plants seem to be very healthy otherwise. I think I'll try some fungicide for good measure. I just put that entire bed in and I don't want to lose my plants.

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