SOLVED: What kind of rose is this?

Cordova, MD

Help! This rose bush was already in the garden of the home I moved into last fall- but not in good shape. I pampered it this year and was blessed with these beautiful flowers.
Can anyone tell me the possible name of this?
thanks! I'm looking forward to hearing from all the rose lovers out there!

Thumbnail by JSS
Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

I don't know the name of it , but it sure is a Beauty! If I were the previous owner, I'd dug it up and taken it with me! Hee Hee.


Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

me too Jerrie, that is so pretty!!!!

Cordova, MD

These roses really are sweet and have a wonderful smell also! thanks! I also posted another pic showing the bloom s open a little more on another thread "what kind of rose is this part 2". Hope someone can help! It's too unique and pretty not to know it's name!

Olive Branch, MS(Zone 7b)

If the rose is upright in habit and the blooms are large,produced mostly one to a cane, and the canes are just about the thorniest you've ever seen, it's probably Snowfire. If they are only moderately thorny and usually one to a cane, then it's probably Love. You can research either of them at HelpMeFind

There's also a third possibilty,Simply Wonderful, if it's more of a rounded "shrub" form with multiple medium to small blooms per stem. How long would you think the rose had been there? Simply Wonderful is a fairly recent introduction versus the other two. Snowfire is probably the easiest to find in a local nursery, though I've seen a few local nurseries carry some J&P Loves recently.

The bush form, leaves, canes, and even hips of a rose can often be as good or better clues to a positive ID than the blooms alone.

Cordova, MD

Thanks Sunflower! I 'll check out the names you gave me and let you know! I'll also go out tomorrow and research all the info on the bush itself! I appreciate your input and learn something from youall everytime! I'm really new at growing roses, but love it! My mom was terrific at it and know that I'm older I'm enjoying it! Wish I had listened to her tips more!! And I gues also the adage is true, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, I AM my mother after all!"

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