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Variegated Skunk Cabbage

Glen Rock, PA

Looking at the bottom field, the wet part is peppered with Skunk Cabbage. There are probably over 1,000 Skunk Cabbage plants in the former cow pasture. Since the cattle were removed, the plants growing have really changed, and one of the winners has been Skunk Cabbage. It looks like this:

Thumbnail by Penn_Pete
Glen Rock, PA

In the foreground of the picture, the yellow splotch is this plant. I wonder what makes variegation, and is this color stable? I plan on marking it and seeing if next year's leaves also have the yellow. Personally, i think yellow s#cks, and assume the plant has a virus, but not any of the rest of the ones in this area have ever shown this.

Thumbnail by Penn_Pete
(Zone 6a)

OOOooo! I love it! Hope it stays. Maybe its a mutation!


Oh way to go Penn_Pete! Could this possibly be what I think it is? Are you going to go for cultivar status if it is? That doesn't look like a virus to me but what do I know.

Glen Rock, PA

Hi all. If it is stable and I do get to name it, the name will almost certainly be 'Charlotte'. I don't personally like variegated, don't think I have a one as a matter of fact. There is no seed ball forming, but you can divide the root I think. It will take a year to find out I guess. Strange that I didn't notice it last year, but that is possible.

I've never seen any leaves like that but then again I haven't seen all that many of these plants in the wild or in cultivation. I think Charlotte is a wonderful name. Go for it because my gut tells me that's no virus or bacterial infection there. Have you shared this photo with Kevin_5? You might want to send him a link to this thread. Whatever you have there, that plant is cool.

Wauconda, IL

It could be a virus, or it could be a "sport", or mutation.

Viruses don't necessarily bad, and are the reason some common garden plants are variegated.

I'm hoping it will come true, and you can register the plant! Charlotte is a lovely name. It's a very cool looking plant, whatever is going on with it! Congrats!

Louisville, KY

Wow would like to see a update on this one. Possibly availible pups?

Thorne Bay, AK(Zone 6b)

This is a whole different plant than what we call Skunk Cabbage (Lysichiton Americanum).I tried to find a USDA plants profile on this but didn't see one .They prefer a shady,swampy habitat.The leaves can get to 4 feet long or more.The Indians used to wrap seafoods in the leaves & cover with hot coals to cook.

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Thumbnail by Nedhudson1
Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Ned, Here is the link to USDA

and to for a little more info

The plant is beautiful and very interesting, thank you for posting.

Thorne Bay, AK(Zone 6b)

Thank you Frostweed.There is an Eastern skunk cabbage,but I didn't have time to look into it last night.

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