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Garden Sheds

Highland, MD(Zone 7a)

Ok I am asking on the Mid-Atlantic forum because I am in Maryland and would like some local replies to my question as it won't help me if what I want is in Florida lol! I want my own garden shed and was wondering if anyone in the area has one and where they got it or the plans to build it? I can't take it much longer the garage is a disater area and all the shelves are too high for my five foot self to reach! The "shed" is full of crap including an engine from a car that my dh refuses to get rid of so I soo need my own space. I was looking online and while some of them are exactly what I want the multi digit price tag ($7000) is NOT what I want. And advice or suggestions?

A Gardener in NEED!

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Not sure if you are looking for something custom or not, but what about going to lowe's or a similar place and just purchase a small shed I believe you can get one even at WalMart for a few hundred dollars. Then just decorate it the way you want on the outside with old barnwood, etc.
Just an idea,

Shenandoah Valley, VA

Lowes, Home Depot - even Costco has some nice sheds for far less. At Lowes or HD, you can have it delivered to your house and even have someone assemble and install it for you.

The metal ones you can get for as little as $300-$400.

If you want something smaller, another option is the Rubbermaid storage units. I've seen those at WalMart and Costco. I imagine Lowes and Home Depot carry them too.

Highland, MD(Zone 7a)

I am looking for something a medium in size, hopefully wooden to go with my log home! I didn't think about Costco or Bj's so thanks for that! I know Lowes and HD have sheds so far all I have seen that were "there" and not special order were metal, well at least at HD lol!


Shenandoah Valley, VA

Try Lowes if Home Depot doesn't have them. I know the one here has sheds that aren't metal.

The ones at Costco are very nice wooden sheds. Here's what they have online but the ones I've seen at the store were kind of log house looking, not shown here. You know, natural stained wood, not painted.|50126|49273&whse=&topnav=&hierPath=50126*49273*1090*

Shenandoah Valley, VA

BTW, I can tell you from personal experience if you have a guy fills the garage with his junk, you'd better make sure you make the shed off limits or you'll be right back to square one.

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

How about printing pics of the ones you really liked online and check with a local small builder or handyman and see if he could make you one. Another idea is an old outhouse, I have seen people convert those to fabulous sheds.

Prince Frederick, MD


Don't you have one of those Amish-built places anywhere in the Highland area? They make really sturdy sheds in all styles, sizes, and prices. It used to be just a local thing but there are outlets popping up all over the place in Maryland and PA. I was in Columbia two weeks ago and I could swear I passed a shed lot on my way. If you don't mind a bit of a drive to shop, I think there's a place in the Bowie/Crofton/Annapolis area and we have several down here in So. Maryland. I'm sure there must be places around Frederick too.

They are pricier than prefab metal or plastic sheds but are really built to last and very attractive. We have a large Amish-built shed that came with the property when we bought it and it is perfect for garden storage.

I ran a Google search and came up with a couple websites you can check out. One of our local builders has a website ( You could contact him to see if he delivers as far as Highland. I see their trucks hauling buildings all the time. Lancaster County Barns has an extensive listing online and seems to have good prices and a large delivery area ( They had wooden sheds as low as $750. Here's another one that says they deliver from Maine to Florida ( although I didn't check the delivery prices.


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