CLOSED: Last One for Now - Bug

Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10a)

These guys were all over my garden this winter in large numbers. A few are still around. I would estimate 5 mm long with about a 6 mm wing span. They aggregated on plants and the white siding. Notice the mottled appearance of the wings. At first, I thought that the wings had a really odd shape but, they actually have clear areas of wing and black areas of wing creating this pattern. I didnt notice them doing anything really bad to any plants.

Thumbnail by barksy
Las Cruces, NM

Picture-winged fly, probably in the genus Delphinia.

Patrick Alexander

Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10a)

Thanks Patrick! Very similar one called Delphinia picta on Google. Nobody reports them misbehaving much so I guess the garden is safe.

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

That sure looks like what I have been griping about all day! Does it have a striped body? I've been outside working all day and they are as pesty as flies! They seem to want to land on you and ride around! Even worse, a couple of them poked me or bit me. They were on us in the pool and also just while working in the yard. They may not be dangerous but they sure are a pain. LOL

Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10a)

Well Badseed, I think you may have something else. Mine did not striped body and fortunately, they did not poke or bite. They dont bump into us like love bugs either. They just hang around on plants and on the siding. They have a prominent nose. If you google Delphinia picta images, you can tell for sure if you have the same things because there are some beautiful close ups that have been posted.

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