newbie at alpine gardening

Brownfield, ME(Zone 4b)

Now that I have finished my wooland garden. On to another project. I have this little garden, soil is very poor also can't do much since is near leech field and has hatch to septic. Would love to see small alpines and a few special rocks we have saved. What do I need for soil? Then do I put down small crushed stones?

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somewhere, PA

Its good the have the soil loosened up - can you dig it up and
incorporate crushed rock or sand? After you plant you can put
a stone mulch on top. The little alpines will self seed if they
are happy.

Is it sunny there? Do you have any specific plants in mind? (Its
fun to live vicariously through everyone else's projects. They are
not as tough on my back. LOL)


Brownfield, ME(Zone 4b)

Yes it it is sunny. I was thinking of starting with some old standbys Sempervivums,Arabis,Saxifrages Delosperimums. I do plan to see what everybody else has good luck with. I can easily see this may be habit forming.

Sebastopol, CA(Zone 9a)

Starting with the old standbys is a good plan, Lanie. Later, if you see something irresistible in a photo or in someone else's garden, you can experiment with it in a small corner. Your standbys will keep the spot looking great even if the experiment fails.

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