Central West (Rural), Australia

Is this a Polish name.

Sydney, Australia


My grandmother's maiden name was PANNOWITZ. Her grandfather (Johan - anglicized to John) emigrated as a baby with his parents (Kazimir and Antonia) from Northen Germany/Poland to Adelaide, South Australia, AUS. On the shipping records the surname is spelt PANAWEICZ (I think - the paperwork is at home) and their country is listed as Preussen (germanic name for Prussia) and town as Grabowa Hauland. They left Hamburg in 1855 on the "Peter Goddefroy".

To date I have not been able to locate a place by this name. German freinds have advised that Grabowa Hauland is in Polish language not German and was most likely in the area of Posen in northern Germany today or Poland.

Hope this helps.


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