Austin, TX

I sent an order to Alplains a few weeks ago, and haven't gotten anything yet. For those of you who have dealt with Alplains before, is this normal for them? I sent an email to make sure they received the order, and haven't gotten a response yet. I'm a little perplexed, as Garden Watchdog had nothing but rave reviews for them.

Edit: Still no response to my emails. This company is terrible. I have no idea why they've gotten all positives.

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somewhere, PA

I've not ordered from them but I have purchased plants they've brought to events I've attended.

Any update?

Austin, TX

Still no response. I'll update if/when I hear from them.

Central, UT(Zone 5b)

They have always been very prompt in responding when I've e-mailed them. But I order my seed in the late winter/early spring. It seems like I read somewhere in their cataloge that they take some time off during the summer to collect seed. Perhaps this is why they've not responded.

Austin, TX

Huh, maybe so. But I don't remember seeing that in the catalog. I was wondering if it was something like that, so I checked, and it says they ship year-round. Maybe it's really "year round except for a few weeks in early summer."

I ordered the catalog by email shortly before ordering the seeds. So I'd think that if that was the case, then when they sent the catalog, someone could've emailed me back saying they wouldn't be around for a while.

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