who is interested in buying from Geraniacea???

Lilburn, GA

Put your names down please.

Depending on the number of people who are interested, we may be able to ask for a discount.

Scented geraniums are $4.50 for a 4" pot.

Hardy geraniums are around $7.00 depending on the plant.

Southern, United States

I might be interested in a small order if we do the picking up then shipping deal. I'll probably just want 3-5 of 1 variety.

Columbia Heights, MN(Zone 4a)

Do you have any other details? DO you know the names of the available varieties? I might be interested, but I need more info.

Lilburn, GA

The lady from Geraniaceae said that she has most of the verieties available. you can always go to her website and check. www.geraniaceae.com

We have to decide on numbers and varieties.

Blenheim, New Zealand

What a great site, wish i lived near. alas!!

Lizella, GA(Zone 8a)

I would love 3 or 4 of the scented ones. Elaine Flanagan just let me know details thanks Spider

Lilburn, GA


I posted in the co op forum. She can't do a discount as our order would not be big enough so, I think the co op failed badly. :o(

Southern, United States

Spider, did she say how much we needed to buy/spend?

Lilburn, GA

She has trays with 40 plants of one variety. she can do a discount for those.

Southern, United States

Did she tell you how much of a discount by chance?

Lilburn, GA

She did not Princess. She just said that the number of plants was too small.

Southern, United States

Oh poo! Maybe next spring we can get a lot of people in for a good sized co-op from them. She had some different varieties that I really wanted.

Lilburn, GA

Sorry about that, Princess.

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