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Did somone say chocolat gerinaum

Key West, FL(Zone 11)

If there is a chocolat geranium, can someone help me find it, will they grow in zone 11,


Emporia, KS(Zone 5b)

You TEASE!!! I thought you'd be offering free smells in here!!

Key West, FL(Zone 11)

While pleading with Dave I read

Lawrenceville, GA
Zone 7b

I remember my aunt had scented geraniums.....chocolate and lemon....mmmmm.

I would love to grow some, but I need some "Trainin' up.." Please?

Ill send her a d-mail

Lilburn, GA

Chocolate mint geraniums smell of mint. The chocolate bit in the name refers to the brown rings in the leaves.

Sorry to disappoint you.

Key West, FL(Zone 11)

Ahhh..well the hunt continues......I have a few otheres i'm going to check on

Emporia, KS(Zone 5b)

Celt, if you're just looking for a plant that smells like chocolate, there's chocolate mint (not the geranium). I had one once, but lost it to aphids. That ones does smell like chocolate. ; )

Lilburn, GA

and there is a cosmos flower that is brown and smells of chocky as well.

Key West, FL(Zone 11)

Thanks CJ, look what i found

Now I have the names i'll give them a try.

Columbia Heights, MN(Zone 4a)

Katheryn Adele is also called a Chocolate Geranium in the hardy catagory. I picked up a Pelargonium this spring called Solstice Chocolate. The flowers are a very deep burgundy color.

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