Please don't laugh at me :)

Bettendorf, IA

I am a brand new gardener so take pity :)

Are "Hardy Geraniums" the perennial variety? I am starting a perenial garden this year and know there are some type of geranium I have seen before that I loved and want in there!

Lilburn, GA


hardy geraniums are herbaceous perennials. It means they die down during winter but come back in the spring. They are very reliable plants and grow well in sunshine (if it is not too hot where you are) or they will do better in filtered sunshine.

There are hundreds of varieties with varied flower colour and leaf shapes.

Bettendorf, IA

That was what I thought. I am starting a shade garden that has some border sunshine and nice dappled sun areas - was hoping to use some of these. Does anyone know offhand which have the largest flowers? Are there any scented varieties?


Lilburn, GA

I don't think there are any scented ones. I know that hymalaiense has big flowers but I don't know if they are the biggest.

Go to and check their photos in the hardy geranium catalogue.

good luck!

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