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Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

I doubt we'll make it a week without having to have a new thread! LOLOLOL

Con't from

I'm sweating here! It's just after 11:00 and I came inside to take a break. I've already been in the pool this morning because I'm such a sissy that I can't take the heat! LOL I work for an hour...then I break for uhhhh, at least an hour! LOL

Heather, you had frost this morning??? Oh my......we're supposed to be over 100* most of the week and it is absolutely swealtering!

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Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

I'm just dying to butt in on Sidney's new 'The Plot Thickens' thread, but I'm gonna be nice and let her get her gardens downloaded before I say anything. I have visions of her clicking preview....running out to plant a bit and coming back in to do it again! LOL

But it's killing me not to know what that pink 'Nancy' brug is! It's just gorgeous!

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

I took a quick look and she has some great things. Can't wait till she's done so we can see all.

Notice folks.....she has a coleus named after her!!!!!

(Zone 9a)

I just came home from getting a load of rabbit poo (Yippee!!) and noticed that it looks like the frost did maybe hit my Clematis a bit more than I thought. I'm going to have to go out and double check everything.

The farmer's son that loaded up the rabbit poo for me said he'd never seen anyone so excited over crap before. LOL.

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)


Wait......I must have missed something here. What did you say about Frost????? Today????

Glad you're so happy with poo.

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Heather, That Clemantis will bounce back from the nip.
I goaded Happy into naming her world record coleus after me,
so I in turn named that brug after her. That's the only name I have for it.
Glad ya'll are liking the Plot.

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)


When were you going to tell me? hehehe

Thank you so much. You sure are one kind lady..


Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Today in that thread. I thought about two weeks ago when it bloomed it should be named Nancy. I figured it would be a nice surprise for you.
Sidney(Grining from ear to ear!)

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

It sure it. Wow, I'm excited...can't wait to tell Bob when he comes in.

I sure hope that none of the brug people chime in and tell you the real name.

Hap (Chest all puffed out)

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Phoey on those An un-named Brug is just THAT!
Mine is beautiful and graceful and it has a name, Nancy.

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

Oh, sugar........

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Sidney, where can I see that brug?? BTW, I use epsom salts on everything. Especially tomtoes and roses. It corrects the PH I think. Anyway, it works wonders on everything and I don't think you can overdo it. I just planted my coleus or I would try it on mine for you. They are pretty wet already. Altho, I guess if I put peroxide in the water it would help.

I am tired from working all day but will do it tomorrow. Peroxide and epsom salts. Oh, oh, I used all the ES in a sludge recipe Kell gave me for my roses. I will do it when I can get some.


Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Jnette the thread is one I posted here in Coleus today "The Plot Thickens"
We are getting ready to be tropical stormed, so I went out and put a whole sack of ES on Brugs, Hydrangias, Crepe Myrtles, Plubago, Tomatoes and every thing in between. (Some Coleus too) It will get rained in tonight By that A storm.

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

HUM,,,epsom salts. my DGM thought it was good for eveything. She did not garden, to my knowledge anyway.

So I guess it would be great for the plants... yes?

What would it be bad for?????


BTW....Hi Jan...good to see.

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

Why did you do that sugar....something because of the storm? You do it because of a lot of rain?

Help me please..


Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

It is good for greening those yellow leaves on Brugs and this way it is washed into the soil by the rain. Just a little Magnesium bump for my green babies.
BTW here is my furbaby, Henry;

Thumbnail by sugarweed
(Zone 9a)

Hey der Henwy! Do yoo wanna be mi furwend? We can play chase and furisbee and play tease the big paw dogs, he he he, den we hide under da steps, den we chase da kitties! We could have lots and lots of funs!! Come and visit me soon, we could be furever bestest furends! What one of yur Mommies plants is yur furavorite to munch on? Mines is Ivys den da Petunias. MMMmmm, Ivys!!!


PS...Yoo have a flurruffy tail like mines, do the peat mosses stick to yurs too? MMMmmm, peat mosses!!!

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Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

What a beauty!
Thankfully the dogs only eat some occassional grass.
up to check on storm.

groveland, FL(Zone 9b)

good morning!!

everyone preparing for "trophical storms" and "naughty" children!

brinda, you hands are quite full with your dh's son....just in thought alone it must be exhausting. but...remember they never come around until they are ready and since he's a male child...that could be a while!

i sat out for about 10 minutes yesterday and then came in and slept really until this morning. not really getting why i could sleep so much. i'm done with the meds for my knee and they aren't the kind that make you drowsy so...i don't know but, swelling is down, it still is sore, but fuctioning somewhat. tomorrow is the mri. i was wanting to get to work on that agave that's wing span is over 5 feet....he needs repotting but i'm thinking i may need someone to hold the pot for me.

lou finished putting in some outside lights when i got up to go to the bathroom last night my entire yard was lite up. not exactly what i was hoping for...he was sleeping so i couldn't ask him what the HECK was he doing??? although you can now take a walk in the outer gardens without a flashlight at night. i'm not knowing if that really is a GOOD thing.

today it's finally NOT supposed to rain. we are rained out and actually flooded in some areas of the gardens which i can see. i may have to replant some things. it's feast or famine here just one or the another this season.

i have no pics of my doggy...since she died last year but i love the cuties above. my daughter got a pomeranian and poor guy..she's was raised with goldens and she is a behavior specialist and changed the poor doggie's personality and this poor pom thinks like a golden...completely against his barking or nipping, just calm and cool. so he's sorta cute but a pain! i would have preferred a grandchild!

talk to ya all later!!

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Goooooood Monday Morning to all you wonderful coleus nuts!!!

HahahahaaaaaaHeather! Baxter is too sweet! And Sid, Henry is too sweet too! You guys have some precious puppies!

What's up with the storm Sidney & Hap? I didn't know anything about it until way after midnight I was crawling in bed & scanning the channels. *(I pretty much live under a rock......not much tv and DG is my only outside source)

Jnette, Hi Sweetie!!! :) Don't look at that'll have dreams of sneaking to Jax and snipping a piece or two in the night. I know!!!!

Hi sweet tobee! You're sleeping like that for a reason! Your body is telling you something and you should listen to it. Just listen to me.....I know everything LOL and if you don't think that I do.....just ask DH, he can confirm! LOLOL And if Lou gets finished anytime soon, can you send him this way.....I'm in dire need of a good man in the garden! LOL My DH is working about 65-70 hrs a week now and I don't have the heart to ask him to help out! I told my oldest son (the one in Michigan) to get his behind over here when he gets home cuz I need some serious manual labor. Hmmmm.....hopefully he believed me!

You all have a great day! I need to work today as I've not been very productive at my job. They might think they can find someone else that would like to draw my paycheck! LOL I sure hope not!!!!!!!

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Morning all. We are hunkering down for da storm. Going with Dayne to IBEW at 1PM, so a few little prayers would be great.

and since he's a male child...that could be a while!
is an understatement for sure. I speak from 99% of my co-workers and also this personal deal here. That stay in the brig might jerk his little fanny into some sense, but there are no guarantees.
Dayne is still sleeping nights, not drinking, helping around here and has jobs that he can go to immediately if the apprenticeship doesn't work out.
Florida really needs the rain we've had wildfires reminicent of those that canceled the July 4th NASCAR race at Dayton several summers back. We don't however need any twisters like our dear Pati had dancing in her yard yeaterday.
Best get busy.
Hugs to all.

(Zone 9a)

All of you in the path of the storm please be safe and take all precautions. We love you and are praying...I be thinking of all of you constantly till I hear from you that all is clear. I hate this stuff. My sis was in Katrina last year and I swear I held my breath the whole time.

I stopped to get gas yesterday and went in to pay and the clerk, Karen (I went to school w/ her), was telling another customer..."My son isn't even afraid of boot camp, or so he says...I hope at least going to court is going to scare him. So, we're sending him there. I just don't know what else to do at this point." I felt so bad for her. She was very far from wild in school...she was quiet, a wallflower. Her son could only be 17 at the very oldest because I don't remember her being pg in school. I'm glad I overheard it because now I'll be praying for them along w/ Sidney & Dayne, and Brinda & Sean. I'm not saying all of this to tell a depressing story...or to say "another one bites the dust". I believe God puts us in the right places at the right GG was saying. That's all. I hope sometime I get a moment alone w/ Karen that I can tell her I'm praying.

Yes, we did have a FROST & FREEZE Sat. night, and I think we had one last night too. UGH. Now I'm glad I haven't gotten things in the ground yet. Today's high looks like it will be about 53*, damp and cold.

Has anyone had this happen? I opened a bag of Schultz Perlite yesterday and it was full of dried up bugs. Not just the bugs but the pods they came out of. Really gross. I don't know if there is a hole in the bag or not. I'm going to fill it w/ water here in a bit and see if the bag leaks anywhere. If no leaks then I'm going to assume the bugs got in at the factory. I think it was some kind of cocoon. At first I thought it was sphagnum moss pieces...but it wasn't. I e-mailed the company last night but no response yet. I'm going to call them in a few minutes and see what they would like to do about it. This perlite was for use in the soil & fert tests that Steve and I are doing on the container gardening forums....
I'll let them know the results of how they handle this are being posted. I know that sounds stupid, but I do think it's a big deal. They are a major gardening company and trusted name and NEED to take this seriously. I didn't see the creepy crawlers till I poured the perlite out. As far as I know they are all dead & dried out, but there could be eggs or something viable left in there. Ewww, eWww, EWWWW!!!

This missing sleep thing is catching up with me too much. I need a day to do nothing....tobee, if your body is saying sleep then do that! Don't make us come and kick your butt, girl!

And, Henry is such a cutie. I bet he's a good gardening buddy. I'm glad to hear he doesn't eat your plants. Baxter really does eat mine, but I don't mind too much...he helps me weed too. Really, he does. Tobee, I'm sorry to hear you lost your gardening buddy, you should get another. Everyone needs a gardening buddy to keep them company and help keep them moving! Baxi loves to play in the garden so much that every morning he dances at the door, then pokes me over and over w/ his pointy lil nose as soon as I log on to DG. He's doing it now, "C'mon Mommy! Lets go play in da garden & smell da furlowers & play in da dirt! MMMmmm, dirt!" He has an outside soccer ball that he loves to carry around and chase. Ok, enough about Baxi, or I'll never shut up. He is a big joy in my life. I love the story about the Pom being a she really a dog behaviorist? That would be my dream job!!! I love to "talk" to dogs in their language.

Hugs all,

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Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)


Don't let too many people know that you "Talk to the Animals" for they have places for people like that!!! hehehe


groveland, FL(Zone 9b)

well...just came inside. was getting things organized. what a mess! lou just put stuff all over...but NO complaining! it's beginning to rain AGAIN!! ijust can't believe this. well...tomorrow i hope after my tests i get stuff done around here! at least i'm not sleeping today...but i'm really hungry! dh....when i'm in bed just makes eggs which i really don't eat so i starved...i hope i at least lost a few pounds!

yes, gg...i another life time i was a fairly successful composer...but cassical music so i'm sure you have never heard of anything i have done. my last album was out in 97 it made the top ten in "new" age..which is where all our producers release classical since no one jumps for joy about it. been playing and performing since i was 3. it was a life i chose not to be involved in (although pushed and pushed), and when i cut the album in 97 they came and found me, not me to them. i rather not..... have a great story about that little baby came from the first piano teacher in this area about 1890. i redid it and it was going to be ebony..but it turned out to be magonany so i did it red which is not really common but true in color. it's not the greatest since it has a cracked board but i would prefer an older piano than any of the new ones out today. it still has a good sound to it.

no heather...we can't get another just broke our hearts to no repair this time. just can't go through it again. my cat comes and sits with me and walks through the gardens with me...he's a help!! and a buddy! and heather, daugher is a human behavioral specialist..hehehe!! but she doesn't practice (just on the dog and her hubby), she's an administrator now.

well, i must finally be caught up with the sleep thing, because at least i'm up and about today! feels so much better! but i can still feel that darn knee, i just have to be careful how i use it for now, i guess.

brinda, i know what you mean about asking dh for helping out. i'm really happy lou did so much this weekend and he's been working about 70 hours a week i know what you mean about asking them. i figured this past weekend i wouldn't ask him for anything, but he just has wanted to do those lights done for a while now, of course i would have had him doing other much more important things!

sidney..hope you made out well. my prayers are with you and dayne. i know this will all work out!

talk to all later!

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groveland, FL(Zone 9b)

wow...i'm the first in the morning and the very last out yesterday!!

getting ready to go for my tests this morning and feeling good! i am! when i get back i'll see if i can get some pics for everyone to see thus far in our wind, rain and cold ridden garden.

sidney, i saw your most lovely gardens! wish mine were growing like that! we hear up here the storm is hitting today, so my prayers will be with you and hap and anyone else from that area. we get one report that ya all need the rain and it shouldn't be "that" bad. what exactly does THAT mean? my inlaws are on the west coast and have been very lucky so far with all the storms. reminded me when my kids where little and i used to talk to our dogs all the time. even to the point if i hit one with my foot while walking over them i would say "excuse me". well, one day they both come walking into the kitchen and ask me if the dogs talk back! i told them both....if you listen really carefully and watch their eyes you can hear every word they say. of course my kids always thought i was nuts anyway. i loved the questions they you believe in evalution or the bible....i look them both in their cute little faces and said neither....i believe in (and i pointed to the sky) and said that's were we came from. the little things were so shocked they never asked me another question so profound....think they had enough!


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Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Yes, tobee. I believe as you do. And have imense faith.

Fort Pierce, FL(Zone 10a)

I also run on "Faith fuel", but my dear Grandmother always said, "God helps those who helps themselves". I used to answer, "But Granny, what about the lilies of the field that toil not?" Her answer to that was, "HUMPH, don't get smart with me, missy". LOL

Anyway.......I bought aluminum hurricane panals that slide in on a track when needed. They will allow me to put them up myself and spare my son the trouble of the apartment because he has the whole house and outbuildings to do. My DD is learning to close down their awnings because my son commutes between CA, Tampa and home here. Given the timing he might not be able to get home to batten down the hatches.

This little tornado that took out part of our oak tree Sunday was a real wake-up call!

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

Good Morning, or should I say afternoon? Running VERY slow today.

I'm wid use guy!!! If i didn't have my faith, I really don't think that I would be here... It's an amazing thing. Don't leave home without it!!!! LOL

Pati, will the tree survive or is it a goner? If it were me I would not be replacing it with another I'd never see it get past 5'. I would want a willow and keep a hose on it so it would grow fast.....and I mean fast. I don't even plant seeds anymore. Plants for me..

Toobee, same here. Always talk, out loud, to the pets, and I still do. Talk to my plants EVERY day. I really think they do better. I tell them all how beautiful they are a they just seem to get better and better.

AHHHH, a ray of sunshine is peaking through the clouds. Might just clear here today. The rain was great for the babies, but not for me. Enough already, oi vey....

Going to check my other threads. TTYL


SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

That's why God is my first line defense. Cause' in most cases, if I just get out of the way, He'll take care of it for me before I have to do a thing except ask Him!

OK. Flowerbed report (I'm on the fly here -- was late getting in -- big boss taking us to a belated Executive Administrators' luncheon today):

I dug out half of the compost my DH put into the bed. Then, I dug out the remainder and mixed it with equal parts of MG garden soil and Hummus. The mix really looked good, like something I just wanted to sink my hands into. I gathered up all the potted plants I think I want in the bed and placed them where I think they should go. It was late and my back was about done. (Tossed ALL night long with spasms and leg cramps -- who was that who asked me WHY I go to the gym?)

Anyway, took pics of the placements this morning, and will post as soon as I can upload to my laptop, save to my datastick and send on my desk computer! What a drag!!!!!!!!!!

Later 'gaters!

P.S. I'm am praying for all my friends in Florida. Being from New Orleans, I need to reiterate your need to exercise extreme caution and discernment with an ear to evacuating when you truly need to go.....In some cases, later is NOT better than sooner....

Hugs, all, and look out for my post. Send me feedback on whether I'm cramming too much into the bed, please.

Fort Pierce, FL(Zone 10a)

Hap, the Oak tree is perfectly round and it took out the quarter that faces my apartment. From the street you can't tell it was touched. Now I can see into the tree and get an even better view of the MILLION squirrels that use it. LOL Thank goodness it missed the Orchids hanging in it.

I'm into buying bigger plants too for the same reasons. When I do cuttings I always whisper, "Grow fast little ones, or you may be orphans".

PS Hi GG, missed your post, can't wait to see the pix. I never worry about getting too many plantings, I just fill everything full in March and worry about it in July! LOL

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Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Well when I start quoteing Henry folks usually roll their eyes and try to walk away.
He is really pretty wise, so they miss out on alot.
It's sunny and breezy here with only 1.75 " of rain. We were really hoping for more.

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

LOL Pati.
You aren't allowed to leave all that soon. We need you too much here!

(Zone 9b)

Good Morning all. It is 7:30 here and I may go back to bed. LOL. I have been up a few hours. I just caught up here. I sure hope this latest storm does not cause much pain. It must be so hard to live in the path of these every year. You guys get way too many of them. I will be thinking of you all with prayer.

For those who asked, that sunny yellow hibiscus I posted, is named Heaven Scent for it supposedly does have a scent. I have yet to smell it. LOL

My car is full of plants including coleus. I am doing big combo pots an dam so excited. In my next life I want to be a combo pot maker for a big shopping center, a rich one so they have lots of money for great combo pots. LOL.

I had a great weekend. My boy came and went, made us dinner. I worked hard on my courtyard. Still have lots to do. All my big brugs are repotted. I used to prune the canopy to match the root pruning, but I didn't this time and the brugs did great. They are really weed like, hard to kill.

I went to the San Francisco Arboretum sale on Saturday with Lali, another Daver. We had the best time. I bought the prettiest fuchsias there. A nice man that is a grower there took me on a private tour of it, the back way so I got to see lots more than usual. I had such fun. He is a brugger too so we talked brug speak for a long time and he hybridizes clivia which I am now starting to do so we had lots to chat on about. He showed us his latest epi he made, a true beauty. He was a proud Papa. It was so joyful. Then we followed up by going to 2 great nurseries and going broke.

Have a great day everyone and I hope a happy event is in all our near futures.

Ilie's latest epi.

Thumbnail by Kell
Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

Kell, that is beautiful. Silly me, I thought that they were all white until I came here....LOL


(Zone 9a)

Hey everyone,
About talking to the animals...LOL. What I meant was more like being able to understand how they communicate...their body language, how they respond to an Alpha Dog in a pack, etc. I'm not talking Dr. Doolittle style, LOL. But...well, like this...a lot of dogs will jump up on strangers when they come into their home, know why?? It's because they want to kiss the stranger's face, know why?? For dog's, when they greet one another, kissing faces is a way of showing submission & establishing pack heirarchy. Whenever I meet a dog that wants to jump up on me I bend down to it's level and get lots of kisses & make a new friend, then the owner doesn't have to go thru the whole ordeal of yelling and tugging on the dog either. I just love to understand why dogs do the things they putting their paw on another dog's back, that's a sign of dominance (can lead to a fight). It also helps in training a dog to understand their language, then you can "speak" to them on their terms. I find it's much like trying to talk to a teenager. tee he he

Just a note on the Schultz Perlite. I called them and they want a sample of the nasties. They are sending me a refund. They handled it much better than I expected...very quickly and professionally. It was so nice not to get a hassle or to have to be on hold.

I've not been feeling well so I'm taking a few days off and spending it on the couch...wishing I had that laptop I'm dreaming of. If my talking to the animals does sound too loony right now wouldn't be a bad time to take a trip to the loony bin, as long as they have pretty flowers to look at!

GG, don't overdue it working on those beds, and you too Tobee. It's not worth it. Go slowly and you'll get the same results. Sidney, how is Dayne doing? Brinda, any new news on Sean?

Time to hit the couch...hugs to y'all

(Zone 9a)

We cross posted. Kell that is just gorgeous!! Can't look at it w/out smiling!! =^) I don't know if it has a fragrance, but in my imagination it does...and it's fruity (kind of like me).

Sounds like you had the best weekend ever! You lucky duck. If you're in CA why are you just putting your Brugs out now? I must be misunderstanding something. The meds have my brain swirling.

I would have loved to have tagged along on your behind the scenes tour. Oh, what a blast that must have been. That's the one part of living in the boonies that sucks. Here I get excited about a behind the scenes tour of a gh!!! LOL

Hey, anyone remember my Hibi and the blue urn pot? The Hibi was in a 7" pot the blue urn pot is 9". Will the 9" pot be good enough or will I have to pot up to a bigger size than that later? I don't want to have to smash that pot, it's too pretty. Thanks if anyone knows, if no one knows I'll go to the Hibi forum and bug them.

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Can you just set the Hibiscus plastic pot and all in the bigger 9" pot? It will be happy there for some time.

(Zone 9a)

The Hibi's soil was so compacted and dried out from the store that it came out as a huge chunk, perfectly formed to the pot it was I can get a good look at it's roots. It does show some root growth on the sides and bottom, I'd think w/ good care that in no time it's going to want a bigger pot. I just don't know how to judge this Hibi...since it's not going to grow taller I don't know how much root growth there will be. Should I just treat it as I would a "normal" Hibiscus as far as root growth goes?

I just love the look of it in this pot and the idea of the orange blooms w/ this blue color. This was the only size of this pot that they had in stock. Thanks for any help. I know I'm a pain.

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

You're no pain silly wabbit. Just go ahead and pot it up with extra soil where pot bulges. Leave the roots alone. They will adjust on their own.

(Zone 9a)

Thanks so much. Good thing I know a Hibi expert like you! My kitty knocked off the bloom that was closest to opening yesterday, so I'm still waiting to see if I'm right about the color. Soon as I'm feeling up to potting it up it's going outside away from kitties!!

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