How'd y'all fare from Alberto's visit?

Mount Pleasant, SC(Zone 8b)

Here in Charleston, lots of wind and rain; tornado damaged some police cars at the downtown police station; a couple of waterspouts; trees down; but not any real bad damage I've heard.

Cary, NC(Zone 7b)

Hi! I'm in Raleigh, NC. Overnight and half of today it has rained really bad and the winds were strong. I was a nervous wreck driving to work today but didn't see any actual wrecks, although I heard on the radio there were numerous wrecks all over town. Around 1:30pm the drenching rain turned into a heavy drizzle. At 2:30pm, the sun came out and there is just a light drizzle now. When I went to lunch, I was sitting in the Scholtsky's drive-thru and saw a large, water-logged limb fall off a dead tree next to the parking lot. Fortunately no one was parked beneath it! I bet our yard is a mess. I hope everyone else fared well!

Oh! I heard they had to close Crabtree Mall due to flooding in that area, and they are considering closing portions of Capital Blvd (one of our major thorough-fares) also.


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Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

Here in Summerville, lots n lots of rain. The wind was pretty bad after midnight but no damage. This morning my garden was beautiful, dripping and green!


Monroe, NC(Zone 7b)

Tons of rain here in Monroe...we needed it!! I wish it would have rained for about 3 days!

Vegas,NV Filbert, SC(Zone 7b)

Called the neighbors and we had heavy rain for most of the night. Cleared out this morning and its been sunny and warm all day. No tree damage in the neighborhood from what anyone can see but friend said they had a couple large trees loose a few of their large branches on some homes in the historical area. No structual damage that we know of.

(Zone 9a)

Some wind and rain here - but not near enough of the rain. We only had 2 1/4" and there isn't a puddle in sight. The plants just sucked it up and they are all thirsty again. I was thinking I might have to turn the irrigation system by tomorrow.

Monroe, NC(Zone 7b)

CARAT...I think you need to change your hometown on your DG info. It is hard to imagine all that going on in Las Vegas!

surfside beach, SC(Zone 8b)

Here at the beach it was pretty much a non event.Alot of wind,small branches of live oaks down and not much rain.

The surf was up yesterday morning and the surfers were out.

We didn't get that much rain in our area but there was some flooding in places that always flood.

Morehead City, NC(Zone 8a)

I'm in Morehead City in Carteret County (home of Cape Lookout). Most of our rain--a little over 2 inches--fell between 11 am and 12:30 pm, although we had lighter rain off-and-on from about 7 am until 3 pm. All afternoon we had sustained winds of over 30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph. We had two tornados/waterspouts warnings. I think there might have been some damage somewhere in the county from those. Here at my house, we lost the top half a large oak. Thankfully it fell away from our vehicles. We also had numerous dead and live limbs fall into various flower and shrub beds. When the wind lifted about 8 pm, I was able to get out and pick these off of plants before it got too dark to see and they didn't do any more damage. A lot of my taller plants (glads, lilies, dahlias, etc.) were lying down or greatly bent from the sustained winds. I haven't gotten out this morning to check everything. We're always thankful when there is no damage to lives (human and pets), house or vehicles. I can always replace plants, if needed!
My daughter and her family live in Apex near Raleigh and she reported LOTS of rain and they did have some large limbs down in the yard.
I'm sure Alberto is just a taste of what we may experience as hurricane season 2006 continues.
Now, I am out to recheck everything in the yard. Everyone have a blessed day!


Vegas,NV Filbert, SC(Zone 7b)

Trip, I cant even imagine any of that occuring in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is suppose to get about 4in of rain a year and we are only at 1.7in so far and the rainy season just past us. The weather is going to be one of the biggest adjustments that we will make when we finally move.

I did change my location some. I hope that it is not going to be more confusing now.

Columbia, SC

Doin' the happy dance here -- we had 5.7" of rain!

Tragically, though, a house in a nearby subdivision was hit by lightning when it struck a nearby tree and went through the ground to strike the house, causing $1.5 million worth of damage.

As ugly as this sounds, I wish the wind would blow from my yard to my next door neighbor's. As small as the lots are here, he planted several silver maples and a sycamore that is already half in our yard. It doesn't take much of a breeze for debris to litter my yard with branches, leaves, bark, and those hateful gumballs. The wind, of course, always blows from his yard to ours... Told ya' it would sound ugly of me--

Vegas,NV Filbert, SC(Zone 7b)

Fleurs, that didn't sound ugly of you at all. I understand it completely.

Wish I could be doing the happy dance because of rain.

Glad for everyone.


Mount Pleasant, SC(Zone 8b)

Glad no serious damage for this first 'practice run' of the season.

Curious - what do you all do to get your gardens and plants ready for storms?

(Zone 9a)

Funny you should mention that, I have been thinking about that a lot lately. One of the things I am doing is getting rid of a lot of "garden art". Almost everything that can become a projectile is getting donated to charity (well, I am keeping a few special things like bird baths). I love to have lots of pots of colorful flowers around the yard but these days I am really limiting the numbers of pots.

All the stuff left out there has to be picked up and put in the garage when bad storms approach. We take down all the hanging baskets and bird feeders and they go into the garage too. All plants still in containers get sunk into the ground.

It is a pain to do all this because we are hysterically trying to get the house secured at the same time. Interestingly we have truly narrowed down what we will take when we evacuate. At least one thing will be simple.

What are you going to do?????

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