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Who makes a "workhorse" washing machine?

Glen Cove, NY(Zone 9a)

I have to replace my Fisher & Paykel washer - love it when it works but has too many breakdowns and has been more or less rebuilt part by part since we inherited it with the house in 2003. Don't need all the bells and whistles (although they are nice) -- just need the thing to work RELIABLY at all times. Who makes the most durable brand? Am I better off avoiding the high tech electronics in favor of old fashioned manual dials--less likely to break down?

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Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Someone had a thread about this on the Handyman forum a couple weeks ago...not sure if all your answers are in there but hopefully it's a good start

As far as figuring out the best brand, I would recommend checking Consumer Reports--you can go to their website and find out when was the last time they reviewed washing machines, then go to the library and find that issue.

Greensboro, AL

One way to find out what will hold up is to look in in older homes and see what's still there. Now that I have a few years behind me, I know that Kenmore anything did not last. GE's tend to rust out. A Whirlpool or Maytag will go 20 years or more. With any porcelain or baked enamel appliance its a good idea to get some chip filler. Rust, I have found, is the major enemy of both appliances and cars. I have even had porcelain washer baskets get pocked with rust. Not good if you value your clothes. Also, you are better off with standard measurements. Nearly all appliances will need to be replaced before you are ready to rebuild your kitchen or laundry room.

West Pottsgrove, PA(Zone 6b)

Kenmore is just a label Sears applies to different manufacturer's appliances. There is no 'Kenmore' factory. LG has a good reputation among repair techs...

Oakland, CA(Zone 9b)

Before buying LG you should make certain you can obtain service for it. The Korean mfgs have come in for sizable criticism on the "other" forum for having very poor service coverage in parts of the US.

Sorry to hear you have had bad luck with your F&P. Normally they are very good, but I guess every mfg makes a lemon once in a while. We like ours a lot (GWL11).

You might want to try Staber, or Speed Queen. They are what Maytag USED to be! Since you said you own an F&P, I'm assuming you are looking for another TL. FLs are a whole different story.

Southern, WI(Zone 5a)

Oh my gosh, I just love my Fisher & Paykel , never had a problem with it and it is 4 years old now. Love that darn appliance. We give a major work out too, laundry loads everyday, average of 3. Clothes spun so dry you wonder why you have a dryer.

San Francisco Bay Ar, CA(Zone 9b)

We had to replace the dishwasher a few months ago and while we were at the appliance store, we checked out the washers, dryers and stoves (mine are all 10 years old and likely to follow the last dishwasher in kicking their parts up). I was surprised to learn that all these 'large investment' appliances only came with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. I was used to a 5 year warranty for these items. The appliance store offered their own extended 5 year warranty as they have their own service crew.

My recommendation is to read the Consumer Reports reviews, then interview the store where you are considering making you purchase. Will they throw their own extended warranty into the sale and can they fix it?

Baton Rouge, LA

I love my F&P. It broke once.but that is because I overloaded. The problem was getting the part and a repairman to fix it. My husband doesn't think it cleans clothes well because it does not fill with water to the brim and he says its plastic. Best washer I have ever had.

scio, oregon, OR(Zone 8a)

I love my Maytag does blankets and quilts just right. It doesn't tear them up. I've had it 6years so far.

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

We are still using the Kenmore washer and dryer that my husband grew up with. The thermostat is going out on the dryer, but otherwise they work great! He's 41 and has 4 brothers and sisters, so the appliances definitely have had to work hard over the years! LOL

Southern, WI(Zone 5a)

Thing were built A WHOLE LOT BETTER then.

San Francisco Bay Ar, CA(Zone 9b)

Too true magnolia! When a major appliance only comes with a one year warranty, you know the manufacturer does not think much of the quality.

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