Who's been munching the marigolds and dianthus?

West Orange, NJ(Zone 6a)

OK, what kind of critter munches off the flowering heads of marigolds and dianthus? And sometimes leave the flowers behind? I don't see any rabbit spoor, I see only casual digging (as in no warrens being made) near the victims. I work all day, so can't keep an eye out for neighborhood cats, but these plants are in a very open spot; usually cats want more privacy.

Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

Snails and slugs most likely if its stem damage. I have a theory that they don't eat the flowers because of the pyritheroids (sp) which is used in insecticides. Go out their at night with a flashlight and take a peek!


Olympia, WA(Zone 8b)

Well, flashlight and a SALT SHAKER, lol


West Orange, NJ(Zone 6a)

Flowers only, no stem damage. Really neatly munched off where flower meets calyx. These are several inches tall. Too tall for snails/slugs?

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