Coleus Chatters July 2-8

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)


Looking at the pix that you have been posting lately can I assume that you have a lot to take in for the winter? Your gardens are to die for, but look too much work for me.
When I plant, they or die.....that their decision. But, while they are deciding, will love them to death.


Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

Wheewww.I go away for a few days and all Heck breaks loose
I could never catch up.
You chatters move more than the Big&Rich concert we saw Sunday...hope all is better now.

I`ll try to keep up ..I promise.

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Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Hi Pheadra, welcome back! I love your pic of Big & Rich.....and my son just loves them! DH and I like them too!!! Show us some pics of your gardens.... we're all in need! LOL

tobee, my Mom got a pretty good report. She has been having back problems and they tell her that she has spurs. Luckily today the doc told her that he thought that pt would help her. I sure hope so.....I can't imagine her going through another surgery. She had three lung surgeries in 6 weeks time back in the spring and I'd hate to see her have to go through another, especially now.

Soooo pretty tobee! Your impatiens are gorgeous!!! What is the dark canna?

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

While everyone has their thinking caps on.
we need a new name for the Coleus Parade the thread we have is sooo long and it takes abit for those of us on dial up to load...

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

Good afternoon Ms brinda,it just so happens that I updated the
Stroll around the Garden a few minutes ago.

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

My Tigerlily finaly bloomed...........

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Crosbyton, TX(Zone 7a)

OMG...i am away from the computer for 2 hours and yall are having a party!!!!

pati i so agree with you my impatiens are all gone...i trashed them cause they looked so awful

sid i need the color in containers...the beds are supplementary....BUT maybe i might try some in the bed to see if i can grow the dang things....

tobee how many and how close together did you plant your impatiens to get the overflowing look you did??

to all...i only try to grow them in the shade as most of my yard is they SHOULD do well in my they need more water than coleus?? more water than hostas??

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)


I no notin', I no notin'....ala Sgt Schutz. See it's not me.... I have been absolved. I am not the one SCREAMING.......


Helllllo.....are you there..............HEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLOOO

groveland, FL(Zone 9b)

good morning all!!

watering break time!!

pati, i forgot where you were also!! you are all so lucky in florida, with so many planting seasons. my understanding with the impatience is that they will burn themselves out after a certain time. i'm not quite understanding that if you still met the planting criteria with temp. and soil that planting them in feb would make that much difference??? but you would certainly know best about your seasons and how they effect you plantings. perhaps because you got them late in your season they did not respond well. i know that happens here as well with late plantings of different types of plants.

hap, you assume correctly, my business is called "plantscapes" "integrating tropical designs into northern landscapes". the amount of storage for certain plants like, alocasia, colocasia, xanthosoma , canna rhizomes take a lot of space for sure! (we have most likely between them all a few thousand). and's nice you love your plants to death!!

brinda, i'm so glad to here that maybe pt can help your mom, instead of putting her through more terrible things. i will be praying that it works for her. you are the best daughter ever!

brinda, the dark canna...interesting....this is a 'Red Stripe'. this is interesting because this canna is really grown for it's leaf size and height. the leaves can span over 36 inches and last year i had one that grew over 22 feet tall. (now the flowers are nothing to write home about, they are mostly grown for their foliage. the leaves usually have a muted striped appearance of green, rich brown and reddish tones. however, i stored them differently this year and for some reason the leaves are staying extremely dark and rich and although they are still "striped" they are striped in different shades of the deep rich brown/black tone. i really can't wait until they mature.'s the "three" rule always. "always plant three of anything together to make a statement". they are extremely close together. one after another. ok...the overflow or tier look is an illusion. if you have a plant them inside the pot...outside on the bottom of the pot, in the dirt, you plant the same they grow they begin to grow together...(now this is one of my secrets so don't tell anyone! hehehehe). LOL....hosta!!!!! shoot mine get NO water whatsoever! poor things and they are happy as can be. my impatience need 100 times more water if not MORE than hosta and less they coleus depending where the coleus is located. the trick is, is to read the plant and it will really tell YOU what it needs. (ok, yes, i'm we ALL didn't know that!)

pheadra, lovely lily! but i'm not knowing "big & rich" had you mentioned mozart in concert, i may have been excited!!!

talk to ya all later

you all know why this was edited!

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groveland, FL(Zone 9b)

ahhhhh i shared this on another thread so i HAVE to share it here!

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Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Ahhhhh....tobee, that is a great wake up for me. I just love that pic!!!

Pheadra, I'll start another thread...this one is getting really loooooonnnnggg! LOL Hap, you're usually the one slapping my hands! And Pheadra, thanks for the pics on your other thread. Your gardens are so pretty. And I'd still camp out or in the greenhouse! LOL

Oh my, we had company last night and I'm soooo tired this morning. Our friends came with their little girl to swim. She is so cute and she had such a wonderful time. Xander and his parents came too.....and of course, he had a blast. The little ones crashed around 11:00 and of course we 'adults' (lol) thought we'd stay up long enough to see the sun come up. hahahah.....and drink too much! Holy cow! When will I ever learn??? I finally headed to bed around 3am and woke up around 6:00 to find everyone sleeping all over the house. I was smart....I put the kids in our king sized bed and then slept with them......everyone else just had to fend for themselves for a place to sleep. And DH is in Bradens twin sized bed this morning! Now that is a site to see! LOL And I bet I get an earfull about him not being able to sleep in his own bed! Ouch!

I'm just now on my way outside to check on all my babies and then I'll start another thread! See you all soon!!

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

Please tell me that you are not going to try and navigate today with only 3 hours sleep!!! I never could do that even as a teen. I HAD to do it at times when I had my three babies. When my DD was born my oldest (of 3) was 2 years and 2 months. All were in diapers and not the disposable kind. I took care of one end and then the other!!! LOL

Anyway, I would get rid of those people....I need my beauty sleep. And boy do I ever, the way I look this am I should sleep for a year. LOL

Everyone. Have a great day.


Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Oh Hap, everyone except Xander has now gone home. We're getting ready to go out for breakfast and then Xander will be going home with his Dad. Today is Dad & Xander day.....LOL.....wonder how long that will last? I bet Chase will be calling his mommy this afternoon when Xander wakes up, wanting to know if they can come swim or something. LOL

It was certainly a long night last night....but I don't feel that bad this morning. Thank goodness. But I bet I'm ready for bed tonight! I already have everything picked up and put away and the house looks good again. (It was horrible this morning....ugh)

Our new thread is over here.....

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