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July 2, 2006

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

It seems like a good day to start a journal.. What do you all think?

First thing I did this morning was let the cows out to new pasture.. This always fascinates me. I set with coffee in hand to watch the goin's on.. My ol' girls have picked a new boss cow.. A hereford I like to call "Curly" .. She is by no means the biggest cow.. But the bossiest. She always starts bawling for everybody to come on... She also won't move on unless her calf is beside her.. I have such a mixture of breeds in my little herd.. The last boss cow was a hereford.. I had to sell her because of her age. We bought her as an old cow.. Hoping to get a couple of calves out of her.. So now I am wondering if no matter what a mixture of breeds we have if the herd matriach will always be a hereford.?

We have had two new calves the last week.. A heifer calved for the first time two days ago... She is going to be a good Mom.. and fusses over her tiny bull calf. This heifer's mother was the other cow that calved this week.. Which makes the older cow a Grandma ( I hope I worded this right to make sense ) cow..

Yesterday I picked a gallon of wild blackberries .. I need to D-mail Cuckoo4Blackberries and get his blackberry crisp recipe. I will try to pick more today and take to St. Louis for the 4th Holiday. One of my daughter's there is on Weight Watchers.. So I need to find something to make with less calories.. Just the unsweetened blackberries are wonderful though.

Dave719, I haven't heard anything from you since the Roundup.. How is business and did you ever get your goats?

Leaflady, I might not check Dave's before the 4th ... Would you please thank your husband for me being able to live in a free country?

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